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T1 Providers

Many of the T1 service providers in North America are listed below alphabetically with a short description of their services.  As of March 2005, T1 pricing in both the United States and Canada ranged from about $499 USD (at the lowest) to about $1200+ USD per month depending on a variety of factors.

For detailed availability or to receive pricing information, just click on the company's name.  T1 Shopper also maintains a list of International T1 and E1 service providers.  If you know a good T1 provider that isn't on this list please contact us.

AT&T is among the premier voice, video and data communications companies in the world, serving businesses, consumers, and government. AT&T and its subsidiaries furnish domestic and international long distance, regional, and local communications services and Internet communications services.  With approximately $37 billion of revenues, AT&T has relationships with about 50 million consumers and 4 million business customers, who depend on AT&T for high-quality communications. AT&T has garnered several awards for outstanding performance and customer service.
Bell South
The BellSouth Corporation is a communications services company providing local and long-distance voice and data services to more than 44 million customers in the United States and 14 other countries. The Company provides an array of voice, broadband data and e-commerce solutions to business customers.
Broadwing Communications
Aa subsidiary of Corvis, the Company provides innovative telecommunications solutions to enterprises, carriers and other service providers. Our one-of-a-kind, all-optical network enables the delivery of data, voice, video and high-capacity bandwidth services with unparalleled customer focus and speed.
Birch Telecom
[Not a T1 Shopper partner] Formed in 1997, Birch is a local and nationwide provider of T1 data services.  The Company was one of the first companies to be certified in the Midwest to provide competitive local phone service. In February 1998, the company merged with Valu-Line Companies of Emporia, Kan., which had provided long-distance to Kansas customers for 16 years. Most recently, Birch merged with Ionex Telecom (March 2003), creating one of the largest competitive telephone service providers in the southern and central United States. The combined company now serves more than 500,000 telephone lines across 10 states and employs about 1,800 people
[Not a T1 Shopper partner] Formed in 1983, Business Telecom, Inc. and now merged/aquired into "ITC Deltacom", this company is a full service regional telecommunications carrier offering full IP data, voice, and other managed services. Providing services in Southeastern United States, the Company owns and operates 14 Lucent 5E 2000 local switches, four Alcatel 600E tandem long distance switches and over 4,400 miles of fiber giving you a fast, reliable connection.
BtNAccess is a global communications carrier with network operations centers in Hong Kong and Ashburn, Virginia.  Owned by PCCW and HKT, the Company has a full range of offerings worldwide ranging from T1, E3 and OC-12 to MPLS VPN and collocation services.
Cavalier Telephone, LLC
(New partner with T1 Shopper - description pending)
Cbeyond Communications
(New partner with T1 Shopper - description pending)
Covad Communications Group, Inc.
Covad provides nationwide services to both business and consumer end-users. Its services include a range of high-speed, high-capacity Internet access connectivity and related services using DSL, T1, Virtual Private Network, and firewall technologies.  The Company also possesses a digital subscriber line (DSL) network not owned by a traditional telephone company. This national network encompasses more than 1,700 central offices in operation across the United States in 94 metropolitan statistical areas, and passes more than 40 million, or approximately 40% to 45% of all homes and businesses in the United States.
Conversent Communications, LLC
Conversent is a facilities-based communications provider that offers businesses a broad portfolio of voice, data and Internet Services that are bundled to meet the specific needs of each customer. Recognized as one the Northeast’s premier telecommunications providers, Conversent provides its clients innovative and flexible communication solutions backed by a dependable network and a knowledgeable and dedicated customer support staff. The Company provides services to more than 38,000 business customers and employs 595 sales, technical and support staff in 22 offices from Maine to New Jersey with an expansive network including six Class 5 telephone switches, 80 data switches and more than 2000 miles of fiber optic network.
CTC Communications Corp.
(New partner with T1 Shopper - description pending)
Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
Eschelon Telecom, Inc., is one of the fastest growing Integrated Communications Providers (ICP) in the United States. Eschelon offers unparalleled service and a comprehensive suite of telecommunications and Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses in the North and Northwestern United States.
Global Crossing
Providing a vast array of communications solutions for businesses and carriers of any size, the Company provides voice and data services, collaboration services as well as a suite of of other global services, which run over an IP-based network connecting the world's top commercial centers. Global Crossing's fiber optic network is unmatched in reach and breadth. Over 100,000 route miles join more than 200 cities around the globe. If you need to communicate, Global Crossing can get your message where it's going using the platform that best meets your application requirements: DWDM, SONET/SDH, multi-service ATM and/or IP.
[Not a T1 Shopper partner] Is a nationwide and global provider of multimeg data and voice transport. The Company provides DS3, OCx data and voice dark fiber, metro and global IP and transport services. . The Level 3 network currently includes local loops in 36 cities in the U.S. and Europe. The entire network includes an approximately 16,000-mile US intercity and 3,600-mile Pan-European network interconnected by a high-capacity transoceanic cable system. The Company recently acquired Genuity which further extends their network offerings.  T1 Shopper utilizes the services of Nexgen Bandwidth Solutions for our Level 3 billing and sales support due to their aggressive pricing structure.
MPOWER Commnuications
Founded in 1996, Mpower Communications Corp. (NASD OTC:MPOW) is a facilities-based communications provider offering an integrated bundle of broadband data and voice communication services to business customers.  Mpower delivers a full range of telephone, high-speed data, Internet access, and Web hosting solutions. Mpower is a super regional CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) serving areas throughout California, Nevada, and Illinois.
MCI is a nationwide and global communications company offering Internet, voice and data services in over 65 countries with 20 million customers around the globe.  The Company's network spans 96,000 route miles connecting over 87,000 buildings around the globe in over 100 countries and operates at speeds up to OC-192, the fastest available in today's market. The Company also offer data center service in over 70 data centers throughout the world.  The Company is the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in the US, and is also currently in reorganization under Chap. 11 protection.
Netifice Communications ("Netifice") is a new generation Tier 1 Network Service Provider - one that provides remarkable business connectivity solutions based on an IP platform. The Company is more than an ISP. By engineering advanced, "end-to-end" IP Connectivity and Managed-VPN solutions specifically tailored to their clients' business requirements, delivering real productivity improvements, lower communications costs, and reduced network complexity ... all on a flexible IP infrastructure capable of scaling far into the future. As the nation's largest privately held tier 1 provider of advanced IP services, the Company is dedicated to just one kind of customer: businesses that demand high-performance, flexible IP solutions to drive a competitive advantage.

Managed IP and VPN - A complete suite of advanced intelligent IP-based networking solutions. These solutions provide the security and reliability of private networking, with the flexibility, scalability and, cost-effectiveness of Internet based VPNs using either IPSec or MPLS based VPN "tunnel" technology

Dedicated Accss - A full range of Tier-1 Internet access solutions including the industry's largest DSL/Cable footprint, dedicated T1, multi-T1, DS3 and OCx services.
NextWeb, Inc. is a broadband network service provider delivering local access and advanced IP applications to corporate users over its next-generation fixed-wireless network. NextWeb’s service is 30% faster than a T1 at half the cost. NextWeb is able to provide unprecedented value by completely bypassing the local phone company and eliminating the high-costs and limitations of traditional T1 and fiber-based access technologies.
New Edge Networks
A national business provider of frame relay and dedicated high-speed Internet access in 30 major metropolitan areas. New Edge has one of the largest DSL coverage footprints for small and midsize cities across the country.
OnRamp Access ("ONR")
OnRamp Access is an Austin, Texas born company that has provided, custom web design, co-location services and broadband internet access since 1994. With our robust network, affordable prices and a loyal, creative staff, we've built a solid reputation in Central Texas for customer-driven service and support. We're pleased to offer our 10 years of experience to you for a lot less than it cost us!
Phoenix Internet
Phoenix Internet is a division of GPI, with over 20 years of successful business experience. The Company offers a complete array of services, including high speed broadband connectivity, web hosting, managed servers, and server collocation.
PaeTec Communications, Inc.
Funded in 1998, PAETEC was founded on the principle that extraordinary customer service is the essential prerequisite to financial success. The Company now offers the folowing services on the East and West coasts: integrated T1, local & long distance operator services, audio and web conferencing, calling cards, domestic and international burstable and dedicated Internet access, managed VPN (IPSEC or MPLS with optional QoS), frame relay, E-mail scanning services, communications management software, customer premise equipment services and other managed services.
With more than 40,000 employees, 814,000 wireless customers, 853,000 DSL customers, 4.1 million long-distance customers, 240 million calls transmitted across network daily, approximately 15.8 million access lines and more than 156,000 route miles of fiber optic network capacity, Qwest has what it takes to serve your needs.
SAVVIS Communications Corporation
SAVVIS is a global managed service provider that delivers IP VPNs (Internet protocol virtual private networks), managed hosting and Internet services to mid-sized/Global 2000 enterprises along with the financial services market. The SAVVIS data communications network spans 110 cities in 45 countries, encompassing the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and The Pacific Rim. More than 4,700 financial institutions -- including 75 of the top 100 worldwide banks and 45 of the Top 50 brokerage firms.  SAVVIS is a data-only network meaning it doesn't provide traditional voice dial-tone services.
BIG PIPE was established in July 2000 to meet the demand for carrier class bandwidth services. Now with over 1,000,000 customers on BIG PIPE Network BIG PIPE and over 500 peering connections, BIG PIPE is one of T1 Shopper's premier Canadian fiber carriers.
SkyPipeline, Inc.
SkyPipeline has merged with Nextweb!  Together, SkyPipeline and Nextweb are a California regional and local provider broadband wireless Internet service provider. Offering dedicated Internet service ranging from 256 Kbps to 8 Mbps, SkyPipeline is offering services in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. (Editor's note: As a prerequisite to joining the the T1 Shopper Network, all wireless T1 Carriers must extend to their clients a published Service Level Agreement covering at a minimum both uptime, CIR, and latency.)
With broadband as its core focus, Speakeasy is now one of the nation's largest independent broadband service providers with DSL and other commercial broadband services available in most metropolitan areas within the 48 contiguous states. When the Speakeasy Internet Cafe launched its ISP business, its first customers were gamers, web site hosts and small businesses—in other words, discerning and knowledgeable customers who demanded services other ISPs simply would not or could not deliver. Speakeasy was all too happy to fill the niche. To meet their needs, Speakeasy began delivering its now legendary commitment to customer service along with pioneering technologies and product offerings.
Sprint is a nationwide and global telecommunications carrier. The Company was the first to produce the world's only all-digital, fiber-optic network. Today it is based on a backbone operating at OC48 and OC192 speeds. The Company's offerings include Fractional T1, T1, Multi-Megabit, DS3, as well as OC3, OC12, and OC48 fiber connections. The Company has local presence in the European, Asian Pacific, and South American regions, and has services available in more than 100 countries. The Company has been in existence for more than 100 years, with an international presence for more than 25 years.
Tel West
Tel West Communications, LLC.& Tel West Network Services is a facilities-based Internet, data and voice communications provider that specializes in dedicated circuits for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the company’s local network presence spans 10 major metropolitan areas including, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi.
Headquartered in California, TelePacific is a single source provider of converged services, including local and long distance voice and data solutions, Internet access, web hosting, colocation, one-number-follow-me service, and fax to e-mail. The Company offers voice and data services, high-speed Internet access, website hosting, or cost-effective calling features, and will even custom design a solution for your business.
US Signal Company, LLC
US Signal is dedicated to becoming the premier telecommunications infrastructure provider of network services, IP transport and collocation facilities to our customers in the Midwest. And with US Signal's capacity services, flexible collocation solutions, and the unmatched density of over 60 on/off sites throughout the Midwest, you will be able to access solid, reliable capabilities of fiber optic connectivity. US Signal already owns and maintains 2,500 miles of existing lit long haul and metro serving fiber in the regions of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.
Verio/NTT Communications
Verio is a nationwide and global telecommunications carrier offering T1 and multimeg data services primarily in the United States and Asia with extended offerings in UK, Europe and Australia. The Company is the world's largest web hosting provider and has grown rapidly, establishing a global presence through the acquisition, integration and organic growth of more than 54 local, regional, national and international providers of Internet connectivity, Web hosting and other enhanced Internet services. Verio is a data-only network meaning it doesn't provide traditional voice dial-tone services.
XO Communications
XO Communications is a telecommunications provider that provides communication solutions exclusively for businesses and carriers nationwide. XO delivers a variety of services ranging from, local to long distance telephone service, dsl to dedicated internet access, and VPN to firewall solutions. XO also has an award-winning Internet backbone network and local presence in more than 60 U.S. major metropolitan markets.  See if you can recieve XO services here.
Xspedius Communications
Xspedius is a regional facilities-based telecommunications service provider. The Company delivers services over its own networks and supporting switching and routing equipment in many markets. The Company uses ILEC equiptment in several regional markets such as Verizon and Bellsouth. The Company has over 35 local area fiber-optic or broadband networks with thousands of fiber route miles in key metropolitan markets. To support advanced, high-speed data transport, the Company has a nationwide MPLS-based multi-service network. The Company has private, as well as public, peering interconnections to ensure customer traffic is routed quickly and reliably.

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