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Broadwing T1, T3 & DS3 Information

Broadwing Communications
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Company Name
Broadwing was acquired by Level 3 communications on January 3, 2007
Broadwing Services (prior to acquisition)
  • Private Line
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Converged Networks (MPLS)
  • DS1, DS3, DSx, OCx Dedicated Internet Access and Private Line
  • GigE
  • Media Network Services
  • Wavelength
  • MultiConnect
  • Frame Relay/ATM
  • Frame Relay over DSL
  • Private IP Services
  • MultiConnect Redirect
  • FrameConnect
  • Public IP Services
  • VoIPCoreConnect
  • Private LineWavelength
  • (OCX)Switched and Dedicated
  • Enhanced Toll-Free
  • Calling Card
  • VoIPInternational Services
  • CPE & Managed Network Services
  • Local Access Options
  • Frame Relay/ATM
  • Dedicated Internet
  • International Extension
  • CPEManaged Network Services
  • Enhanced Frame Relay
  • Managed WAN
Broadwing Pricing

Since Broadwing has been acquired by Level 3, please complete a pricing request at the top of this page.

Dedicated Internet Pricing dependent on a few factors, to include loop and port price. The NPA-NXX information will allow for us to price the loop accordingly, and the length of contract will determine the port price. We can price 1, 2, and 3 year deals. Routers are sold separately- to include Cisco, Adtran, and Tasman. Pricing available upon request.

Dedicated Internet Special promotion that includes Spam and Virus Protection for one low price

Dedicated Voice also dependent on NPA-NXX for the loop pricing. We can do enhanced toll free services, and voice rates very competitive.

Local voice available in 23 major markets to include:

Cleveland Metro area,Detroit Metro area, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Miami, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Minneapolis



Broadwing Highlights
Prior to acquisition:
  • Superior Technology. Broadwing's one of a kind Nationwide all-optical network enables the delivery of data, voice, video and high capacity bandwidth services with the most sophisticated technology available
  • All Optical Network! Provides flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • Customer Focus. We provide a positively different customer experience every day every step of the way
  • Rock-Solid Financials- One of the most stable balance sheets in the industry.
  • Agility- We provide quick creative solutions to make you a hero at your company.
  • Service Level Agreements- With Our Industry Leading SLA's, you don't pay us,unless we deliver what we promise
  • Always-On-Proactive Network Monitoring-24x7x365 proactive monitoring ensures that your network performs for your business every second of every day.
  • Smart People Trust Broadwing- Some of the biggest names in finance,media,manufacturing, fashion, healthcare, and technology trust us with their invaluable data and operations. You'll be in good company; Trust us.
Broadwing Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
Broadwing 's commitment on provisioning: N/A
Broadwing takes great pride in our installation provision time frame. We generally meet or exceed our guaranteed delivery dates. Most circuits are installed within 30 days or less (from time order is placed).
Broadwing 's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 100% Network Availability
Traffic that traverses Broadwing's Inter-regional transit backbone routers in the Contiguous United States will be considered On-Net
Broadwing 's commitment on Off-net Network Availability: 100%
Broadwing 's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore: 4 hours
Broadwing 's commitment on Data Delivery: 99.99%
Broadwing 's commitment on Maximum Latency: 50 milliseconds or less
Broadwing 's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: <1%
Broadwing 's commitment on Throughput: 100%
Broadwing 's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: Yes, see notes
Broadwing notifies our customers when we will be doing maintenance, which varies from month to month.
Broadwing 's termination options: See notes
Early termination penalties occur when a circuit is cancelled prior to it's contract expiration. The penalties include 50% port charge and 100% of the local loop. This can be reviewed in greater detail within the body of our contract.
Broadwing Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: Call T1 Shopper at (800) 408-1027
Questions about billing: 1-877-453-8353
Technical Support: 1-877-453-8353
Broadwing Technical Tools
Broadwing 's ASN number is AS6395
Broadwing 's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
Broadwing References

Broadwing's Customer Management Portal saves your business time and money by providing you an easy-to-use Web interface to manage your account and your network online. You will have access to convenient eBilling capabilities, Web-based performance reports, trouble ticket access, inventory management and product support. This access enables you to quickly find answers to your questions and provides you with immediate and current information on your network, services and account. Broadwing's Customer Management portal provides you with: eBilling Broadwing offers complete online account management capabilities with Broadwing eBilling. Accessible from any computer with Internet service, you can now review detailed account information and submit your payments online. And, you can rest easy knowing your personal information is safe and secure. eBilling also enables you to:

  • View, print and pay your current bill
  • Review three months of past bills
  • Pay with credit card or electronic check payment
  • Create multiple user accounts

Network Performance Reports Network performance reports provide an easy-to-use, secure view into current activities, past activities and performance trends for your circuits on Broadwing's optical-enabled IP or Frame/ATM backbones. Trouble Tickets The Trouble Tickets tool allows you to create and view trouble tickets when you have any question about your service. You can open, view, manage and track the status of your tickets from inception to completion. Inventory Management With Broadwing's exclusive CoreConnect product, you get access to manage your network inventory online in real time. Product Support Broadwing's Customer Management Portal also offers you the latest support and documentation for your service with links to product specific support, documentation, and general information to help you better leverage Broadwing's products and services.

Broadwing Top Rankings/News
Broadwing Leadership

Prior to acquisition:

• CEO, Broadwing Corporation and Broadwing Commun: David R. Huber 
• CFO: Lynn D. Anderson 
• President, Sales and Marketing: Scott Widham

Broadwing Employees
Prior to acquisition:

Broadwing Communications, a consolidated service subsidiary of Corvis Corporation (NASDAQ: CORV), provides innovative communications networking solutions to enterprises and service providers. Here are just a few reasons you should choose us as your primary service provider: SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY Broadwing's one-of-a-kind, nationwide, all-optical network enables the delivery of data, voice, video and high-capacity bandwidth services with the most sophisticated technology available. ALL-OPTICAL WHAT Because optical technology is the newest and most advanced, it's far more reliable and flexible than legacy networks - that means we can be more reliable and flexible for you. And, with the lowest total operating cost of any U.S. network, Broadwing has the most efficient architecture for transporting communication services. This translates into value, flexibility, and scalability and enables differentiated offerings like the Broadwing Connect family of services. CUSTOMER FOCUS We strive to provide a positively different customer experience. You'll have a team of engineering, installation, billing and service specialists dedicated to exceeding your expectations - every single day, every step of the way. ROCK SOLID FINANCIALS With one of the most stable balance sheets in the industry, Broadwing is in it for the long haul. Literally. And investors just cast a $300-million vote of confidence for our business plan, funding the acquisition of Focal Communications and other growth initiatives. MANAGEMENT TEAM We're led by innovators from a list of who's who of the high-tech industry - MCI, UUNet, EDS, Cisco, MFN, NTT-Verio and others - who each boast decades of experience in the business. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP The telecommunications industry is in the midst of a considerable transformation and Broadwing is leading the way. Having quietly and powerfully emerged as a significant competitor, we challenge industry norms by offering innovative solutions to our customers every day. While other companies are just beginning to see the light, we've been transporting mission-critical data, voice and video with it for years. AGILITY Our unique people and state-of-the-art network enable Broadwing to provide quick, creative solutions that will make you a hero to your company. When others are saying it can't be done, we're busy making it happen for you. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS With Broadwing's industry-leading SLAs, you don't pay us unless we're delivering what we promise - it's just that simple. ALWAYS-ON PROACTIVE NETWORK MONITORING 24x7x365 proactive monitoring ensures your network performs for your business every second of every day. And direct-to-tech access to our Enterprise Center means you can talk to someone who can begin to resolve your issue immediately. SMART PEOPLE TRUST BROADWING Some of the world's biggest names in finance, media, manufacturing, fashion, food, aerospace, energy, healthcare and technology trust us with their invaluable data and operations. You'll be in good company. Trust us.

Broadwing Key Dates
  • The company has integrated the Focal Communications network, which it acquired in 2004.
Broadwing Headquarters

Prior to acquisition:

1122 Capital of Texas Highway South, Austin, TX 78746-6426

Broadwing Communications gives its customers access to the speed of light. The company operates a fiber-optic network that connects most major cities across the US. Broadwing Communications offers data, voice, video, and bandwidth services to businesses, government organizations, and other telecom carriers. Offerings include virtual private networks (VPNs), audio conferencing, and managed network services. Broadwing Communications is the operating subsidiary of Broadwing Corporation (formerly Corvis Corporation). The company has integrated the Focal Communications network, which it acquired in 2004

Broadwing Service Locations
Broadwing Communications is headquartered in Austin, Texas - a fittingly one-of-a-kind city for a telecommunications company committed to providing a deliberately different customer experience. Broadwing also has sales, service and engineering presence in the cities listed below. The following are our major branch offices: ARIZONA Phoenix CALIFORNIA Irvine San Jose Walnut Creek COLORADO Denver FLORIDA Jacksonville Miami Orlando Tampa GEORGIA Atlanta ILLINOIS Chicago KANSAS Kansas City/Mission LOUISIANA Baton Rouge MARYLAND Columbia Baltimore/Towson MASSACHUSETTS Boston MICHIGAN Detroit/Novi MINNESOTA Minneapolis MISSOURI St. Louis NEW JERSEY Marlton NEW YORK New York City OHIO Cleveland Cincinnati Columbus PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia/Blue Bell TEXAS Austin Houston Plano UTAH Salt Lake City/South Jordan VIRGINIA Reston
Broadwing Network Map broadwing network map
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