Broadwing N/A 100% Network Availability 100% 99.99% 4 hours 50 milliseconds or less <1% 100% Yes, see notes See notes Broadwing 's SLA was last updated Wednesday August 29, 2012 Broadwing takes great pride in our installation provision time frame. We generally meet or exceed our guaranteed delivery dates. Most circuits are installed within 30 days or less (from time order is placed). Traffic that traverses Broadwing's Inter-regional transit backbone routers in the Contiguous United States will be considered On-Net Broadwing notifies our customers when we will be doing maintenance, which varies from month to month. Early termination penalties occur when a circuit is cancelled prior to it's contract expiration. The penalties include 50% port charge and 100% of the local loop. This can be reviewed in greater detail within the body of our contract.