CBeyond Communications Highlights
Our Story Our StoryDelivering On the VoIP Model for Telecom Services

Cbeyond has leveraged Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to build the next generation telephone company and has become the model for the competitive telecommunications industry from a sales, technology, financial and regulatory perspective.


When we founded Cbeyond in late '99, we knew what problem we were trying to solve
. . . our mission was to deliver "big business" communications services to small business customers at prices they could afford and that we could deliver profitably.

We bet properly that this entrepreneurial class of customers, like large businesses, would embrace productivity-enhancing applications creating a need for more bandwidth. And we knew that they would seek a simple, integrated package of communications services from one provider with one bill and that it had to be affordable and easy to use.

We also knew that the technological, operational and financial infrastructures of the traditional telecom service providers were built to solve a different problem (voice replacement) from a different era. So we created a new network, using advanced, next-generation VoIP technology and software-based architecture that delivers converged voice and data applications over a single platform. By providing both services over the same network, we've been able to dramatically reduce what it costs for us to provide these services.

And we take those savings and reinvested them into the areas that speak to our customers: