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Conversent DSL, T1 & T3 Information


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Company Name
Conversent (Conversent Communications, LLC.)
Conversent Services
  • Internet & Data Solutions(Fractional to Full T1, T3, OCx). DSL(iDSL, SDSL), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Secure Private Network Solutions (SPNS)(ATM & Frame). Managed multi-site broadband connectivity for multi-location clients. Point to Point Lines(private lines). Data Center Colocation, Switch Site Colocation. Web Hosting, FTP hosting, email services, dial-up internet and remote access.
  • Voice Solutions: Basic Business Lines, PBX Trunks, ISDN PRI, Digital Voice T1, Centrex, Integrated T-1, Long Distance, Toll Free Services, International Calling, Calling Card and Voice Conferencing.
Conversent Pricing
Conversent T1 Pricing
Here's Conversent's special T1 pricing through the end of July 2004.

    Conversent's Integrated Phone Internet T1 Access
  • No start up or setup fees
  • No equipment fee
  • Includes 8 to 22 voice lines (your choice - analog, digial or PRI)
  • Includes 128Kbps to 1.024Mbps Interent, Starting at $145.00
  • Includes channel bank
  • Includes Cisco 1700 router
  • Includes .05 cents state to state calling
  • Standard rate for local and in-state calls
  • Includes 8 IP's or more.
  • EUCL and PIC charges included
  • Pricing for DID's are based on location
  • Available in select markets and most major cities
  • $375.00 for Voice Services on a three year service agreement
  • $400.00 for Voice Services on a two year service agreement

    Ask about which plans come with 1 to 2 free months of service!

    Conversent Highlights

    Conversent Communications "The Proven Choice in Telecommunications"

    Conversent Communications is facilities-based communication provider with six Class 5 telephone switches and data switches and more than 2000 miles of fiber optic network.

    Conversent designs and delivers bundled telecommunications and broadband services that meet the specific needs of individual businesses from small neighborhood companies to enterprise customers. The company provides its customers with a broad portfolio of voice, data and Internet services, including Web hosting and collocation, broadband, and virtual private network services.

    Conversent is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and the right communications solution to all its clients, with a focus on improving business productivity, performance, and managing cost.

    Conversent Service Level Guarantee
    • Conversent guarantees the following performance:
    • 30-business day install
    • 99.999 percent network up time
    • Packet loss shall be not more than 0.25 percent
    • Additional Terms and Conditions apply.
    • Please review specific Service Level Agreements/ Total Quality Guarentee backs all products and services.
    There's really no risk when you sign on with Conversent. Our Total Quality Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with our voice services and wish to cancel our agreement, Conversent will refund any changeover fees required to switch back to your previous local and long-distance carrier. See details below.


    Robert Shanahan
    President and CEO
    Conversent Communications

    Subject to the conditions below, if the customer is dissatisfied with the technical quality of Conversent voice services, Conversent will, at the customer's written request provided in advance of service termination:

    Agree to cancel customer's Conversent voice service,
    Cancel customer's term agreement without liability for the early termination charge, and
    If cancellation occurs within the first 90 days of service, Conversent will credit or reimburse the customer for switch back fees incurred to switch service to the previous provider.*

    Conversent must receive written notice of the problem from the customer.
    The problem must be attributable to facilities or causes within Conversent's reasonable control.
    Conversent must be unable to resolve the reported problem to customer's reasonable satisfaction within 15 days after receipt of written notice.
    Customer's account with Conversent must be current (no balance greater than 30 days).
    Total Quality Guarantee refund offer (Item III above) available only in the first 90 days of service.
    *Refund limited to reasonable installation charges paid to previous carrier to switch back.

    Conversent Contact Numbers
    • Conversent services/pricing: 401-834-3312 (mention T1 Shopper for even faster service!)
    • Conversent customer service: 800-275-2088
    • Conversent technical support: 800-275-2088 (option 1)
    • Conversent billing: 800-275-2088
    Conversent Technical Tools
    • ASN is AS14751
    • Traceroute, looking glass, route server tools not provided.
    Conversent References
    Available upon request
    Conversent Top Rankings/News
    • Conversent Communications Completes New York City Build-Out - Tuesday, May 11, 2004
    • Conversent Communications Partners with Fusion Connex to Implement Wi-Fi Services Throughout New England - Thursday, January 08, 2004
    Conversent Leadership
    • Robert Shanahan, President and Chief Executive Officer
    • Doug Dalissandro, Executive Vice President
    • Al Maitino, Executive Vice President, Sales
    • Dennis Nally, Regional Vice President
    • David Lynch, Executive Vice President of Service Delivery and Customer Care
    Conversent Employees
    • Conversent currently provides services to more than 38,000 business customers and employs 595 sales, technical and support staff in 22 offices from Maine to New Jersey.
    Conversent Key Dates
    Recognized as one the Northeastís premier telecommunications providers, Conversent provides its clients innovative and flexible communication solutions backed by a dependable network and a knowledgeable and dedicated customer support staff. Conversent was co-founded in 1998 by cable entrepreneur Robert Fanch and Conversentís president and CEO, Robert Shanahan.
    Conversent Headquarters
    • Conversent Communications
      313 Boston Post Rd. West Suite 140
      Marlboro, MA 01752
    Conversent Service Locations
    Massachusetts, New Jersey, NY, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut
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