Conversent Pricing
Conversent T1 Pricing
Here's Conversent's special T1 pricing through the end of July 2004.

    Conversent's Integrated Phone Internet T1 Access
  • No start up or setup fees
  • No equipment fee
  • Includes 8 to 22 voice lines (your choice - analog, digial or PRI)
  • Includes 128Kbps to 1.024Mbps Interent, Starting at $145.00
  • Includes channel bank
  • Includes Cisco 1700 router
  • Includes .05 cents state to state calling
  • Standard rate for local and in-state calls
  • Includes 8 IP's or more.
  • EUCL and PIC charges included
  • Pricing for DID's are based on location
  • Available in select markets and most major cities
  • $375.00 for Voice Services on a three year service agreement
  • $400.00 for Voice Services on a two year service agreement

    Ask about which plans come with 1 to 2 free months of service!