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DSL.net DSL, T1 & T3 Information


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Company Name
DSLnet (DSL.net Inc.)
DSLnet Services
"Offering T-1, Fractional T-1, T-3, SDSL, Voice and Data, VPN, DNS, Web Hosting, Professional Business Class Service"

DSL.net Inc., winner of many prestigious industry awards, combines its own Broadband Facilities, Nationwide Network Infrastructure, and Tier One Internet Service Provider capabilities to provide, High Speed Internet Solutions, Private Network Solutions and Value-Added Services (including E-mail /DNS and Web Hosting) directly to businesses throughout the United States with the strongest "Service Level Agreement" in the industry promising 99.9% uptime under 80ms latency and "Two Hops" to the Internet with a Dual ATM backbone.
DSLnet Pricing
DSL.net Inc. works very closley with T-1 Shopper inquirers offering some of the most aggressive pricing in the industry.

T-1 Service Starts at $329 Per Month

FREE Install After Rebate
FREE Routers In Some Cases After Rebate
FREE Unlimited Static IP Addresses
FREE Service Level Agreement
Guaranteeing %99.9 Uptime / Under 80 ms Latencey

SDSL Service Starts at $119 Per Month

FREE Routers After Rebate
$99 Install After Rebate
FREE Unlimited Static IP Addresses
FREE Service Level Agreements
Guaranteeing %99.9 Uptime / Under 80 ms Latencey
Telephone and Internet Service Available:

This is a huge seller! Now being offered in DC, MD, VA and NYC with...

Telephone and Internet Pricing Starting at $229

With our Telephone and Internet Service you will receive:

  • FREE Unlimited Long Distance Domestic Calling
  • FREE Unlimited Local Calling
  • HIGH SPEED Internet Access T-1, Fractional T-1 or SDSL
  • 60 Day Trial Period!

  • We guarantee you will like this product!

    You can use your existing phone system and phone numbers!!

    One of the "Best Features" of our product is:

    The bandwidth for telephone service is dynamically assigned. Which means...when you pick up your telephone you are using a portion of the bandwidth...when you hang up the telephone "you get the bandwidth back!" Unlike the traditional channelized voice and data where you lose bandwidth completely.
DSLnet Highlights
DSLnet Service Level Guarantee
DSLnet Contact Numbers
Senior National Account Manager
DSL.net, Inc.
Telephone: 203.782.3490
Toll Free: 866.469.9629
Fax: 203.782.7626
Email: dcook@dsl.net
Web site: www.dsl.net
DSLnet Technical Tools
DSLnet References
Satisfied Customers
Although the majority of our customers are small to medium sized businesses (1-20 Computers) we also give service to:

American Express
Johnson and Johnson
Pitney Bowes
Dunkin' Donuts
Parent Watch
Hanger Orthopedic Group Inc.
Victoria's Secret
Boston Celtic's
Hairclub For Men
Mattress Warehouse
ADP and many more.

You will receive the same high quality level of service at an affordable price, guaranteed!
DSLnet Top Rankings/News
DSLnet Leadership
Management Team

Kirby G. "Buddy" Pickle, Chief Executive Officer
Keith Markley, President and Chief Operating Officer
Robert J. DeSantis, Chief Financial Officer
Marc Esterman, Vice President Corporate Affairs and General Counsel
John M. Jaser, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Walter R. Keisch, Vice President, Finance and Administration
Lucie A. Poulicakos, Vice President, Operations
Bil MacLeslie, General Manager, VISI.com
DSLnet Employees
DSLnet Key Dates
DSLnet Headquarters
DSL.net Inc.
545 Longwharf Dr
5th Floor
New Haven, CT 06511
DSLnet Service Locations
DSL.net Inc has one of the largest footprints in the United States. DSL.net has CLEC status in all 50 states. Offering service in over 2,100 cities and towns throughtout the United States listed below:
Alabama T1, Alaska T1, Arizona T1, Arkansas T1, California T1, Colorado T1, Connecticut T1, Delaware T1, District of Columbia T1, Florida T1, Georgia T1, Hawaii T1, Idaho T1, Illinois T1, Indiana T1, Iowa T1, Kansas T1, Kentucky T1, Louisiana T1, Maine T1, Maryland T1, Massachusetts T1, Michigan T1, Minnesota T1, Mississippi T1, Missouri T1, Montana T1, Nebraska T1, Nevada T1, New Hampshire T1, New Jersey T1, New Mexico T1, New York T1, North Carolina T1, North Dakota T1, Ohio T1, Oklahoma T1, Oregon T1, Pennsylvania T1, Rhode Island T1, South Carolina T1, South Dakota T1, Tennessee T1, Texas T1, Utah T1, Vermont T1, Virginia T1, Washington T1, West Virginia T1, Wisconsin T1, Wyoming T1

Alabama DSL, Alaska DSL, Arizona DSL, Arkansas DSL, California DSL, Colorado DSL, Connecticut DSL, Delaware DSL, District of Columbia DSL, Florida DSL, Georgia DSL, Hawaii DSL, Idaho DSL, Illinois DSL, Indiana DSL, Iowa DSL, Kansas DSL, Kentucky DSL, Louisiana DSL, Maine DSL, Maryland DSL, Massachusetts DSL, Michigan DSL, Minnesota DSL, Mississippi DSL, Missouri DSL, Montana DSL, Nebraska DSL, Nevada DSL, New Hampshire DSL, New Jersey DSL, New Mexico DSL, New York DSL, North Carolina DSL, North Dakota DSL, Ohio DSL, Oklahoma DSL, Oregon DSL, Pennsylvania DSL, Rhode Island DSL, South Carolina DSL, South Dakota DSL, Tennessee DSL, Texas DSL, Utah DSL, Vermont DSL, Virginia DSL, Washington DSL, West Virginia DSL, Wisconsin DSL, Wyoming DSL

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