Updated: Monday January 25, 2010
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Company Name
Netifice (Netifice Communications, Inc.)
Netifice Services

Netifice Communications ("Netifice") is Leading provider of Managed IP Services - one that provides remarkable business connectivity solutions based on an IP platform. We're not just an ISP. By engineering advanced, "end-to-end" IP Connectivity and Managed-VPN solutions specifically tailored to your business requirements, we can deliver real productivity improvements, lower communications costs, and reduced network complexity ... all on a flexible IP infrastructure capable of scaling far into the future. As the nation's largest privately held Tier 1 Provider of Advanced IP Services, we're dedicated to just one kind of customer: businesses that demand high-performance, flexible IP solutions to drive a competitive advantage. Providing solutions for business success is at the heart of everything we do at Netifice. Our high-speed nationwide backbone delivers dedicated broadband access throughout major metropolitan areas across the Country and remote access from over 10,000 locations around the globe. On top of that, our industry leading Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions provide secure high-performance connectivity from anywhere to anywhere. Our world-class data centers provide secure, reliable hosting or co-location for your Web site or e-business. And our state-of-the-art systems and industry-leading provisioning and customer support capabilities are second to none. Netifice's complete set of advanced IP services include:

Retail Connectivity
To compete in today's hyper-competitive environment, restaurants and retail establishments need more than dial-up polling for gathering sales and inventory information once a day. They need flexible, secure and 'always-on' network connectivity to support:

Netifice serves the retail and restaurant industry like no other network service provider. We have the proven ability to handle even the largest, most complex retail networks and our Retail Connect VPN service is unmatched in terms of flexibility, service and broadband coverage:

SmartWorX Intelligent Access Client
enables you to secure and manage your users' PCs, while at the same time making it easier for them to connect to the network. This state-of-the-art client is built as an XML web service using the Microsoft.NET framework (C++ version also available for older Operating Systems), so it's easy to install, continually updated (incrementally as necessary; transparent to the user), highly functional yet incredibly flexible and robust. Distribution is easy too, with our automated email provisioning systems or CD-ROM delivery and Netifice-assisted installation. And, since it's a hosted solution, you don't have to waste your time and money buying, supporting and proving power, space and bandwidth for the back-en management servers - we take care of everything.

The SmartWorX Client is designed to "wrap around" all other connection and security components (current and future), including Netifice's Personal Firewall and Digital Certificates, so your users only have to become familiar with a single, easy-to-use interface for everything they do. It's access agnostic, so your users can use it over any Internet connection (broadband, WiFi, dial-up, etc.). It can even be branded to your company's look-and-feel or to match a previous client, so as to facilitate upgrading users to this new technology. The client auto-senses and selects the 'best' access technology available, based on your pre-defined hierarchy, for one-touch connectivity. The phonebook is automatically updated (transparent to the user) and the dialer features 'most recent' and 'favorite' numbers, or allows user to search for a local number by country, city, region, or area code and prefix. It also allows the user to select and automatically launch certain applications of your choosing upon connecting to the network - all to make the user experience simple and hassle-free

In addition, the SmartWorX Client provides a series of Asset Tracking and PC Health reports detailing the types of hardware and software your users have, and the operational status of their PCs. These reports let you see what's happening on your users' systems so you can quickly diagnose and resolve PC or application related issues when they call your help desk. Here are just a few of the ways you can use these reports to proactively manage your users' PCs:

Clearly, in the world of remote access clients, the SmartWorX Client is in a league of its own. No other client in the market offers the simplicity, security and manageability that you need to ensure the security of your network, while empowering your remote users to maximize their productivity.



Netifice Pricing

Please call Glen Gorowsky 714-881-4682
Clear Channel T1 service Starting at $421 monthly. Includes managed router, free IPs, no install fee, and 99.999% SLA uptime.
VOIP  - 5 line packages Starting at $499 monthly
DS3 - Full DS 3 as low as $4,300
Metro FE- call for availability
Multi Site, SSL / IPSec VPN, and Firewall service please call

Netifice Highlights
Netifice Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
Netifice's commitment on provisioning: 30 business days
Netifice guarantees that Internet connectivity for a Dedicated Access Customer shall be installed within thirty (30) business days after an order has been accepted and entered into Netifice's provisioning system by its Account Coordination team. Subject to the following conditions, if Netifice fails to meet this commitment, Dedicated Access Customer shall receive a credit ("Installation Service Credit") equal to the amount of the installation or activation fee paid by Dedicated Access Customer to Netifice for Internet access.
Netifice's commitment on On-net Network Availability: 99.999
Netifice guarantees 99.999% network uptime. Any Dedicated Access Customer who experiences Network Unavailability in excess of one (1) hour during a calendar month may receive Service Credit as follows:

* Network Unavailability greater than one (1)
hour, but less than four (4) hours, in a
calendar month: one (1)-day Service Credit.
* Network Unavailability equal to or greater
than four (4) hours, but less than eight (8)
hours, in a calendar month: one (1)-week
Service Credit.
* Network Unavailability equal to or greater
than eight (8) hours in a calendar month: one
(1)-month Service Credit.
Netifice's commitment on Off-net Network Availability:
Netifice's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore:
Netifice's commitment on Data Delivery:
Netifice's commitment on Maximum Latency: 85 mil
Netifice guarantees an average monthly transmission rate of 85 milliseconds or less on the Netifice Network. Netifice measures Internet latency, the average round trip transmission on the Netifice Network, at approximately thirty (30) minute intervals and calculates the average at the end of each calendar month. Any Dedicated Access Customer who experiences average Internet latency in excess of 85 milliseconds as so calculated for any calendar month may receive Service Credit as follows:

Average Internet latency in excess of 85 milliseconds for any calendar month: one (1)-week Service Credit
Average Internet latency in excess of 85 milliseconds in each of two (2) consecutive calendar months: one (1)-month Service Credit
Netifice's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss: 0.3%
Netifice guarantees that packet loss shall be not more than 0.3% on the Netifice Network during any calendar month. Netifice measures packet loss on the Netifice Network at approximately thirty (30) minute intervals and calculates the average at the end of each calendar month. Any Dedicated Access Customer who experiences a packet loss on the Netifice Network in excess of 0.3% as so calculated for any calendar month may receive a one (1)-day Service Credit
Netifice's commitment on Throughput: None
Netifice's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: No scheduled maintanence
Netifice's termination options: See notes
Netifice Communications ("Netifice") shall provide Dedicated Access Customers with Service Credit if Netifice fails to meet its stated Installation Guarantee, Network Availability Guarantee, Outage Notification Guarantee, Internet Latency Guarantee and/or Packet Loss Guarantee, as defined in this Service Level Agreement ("SLA"). This SLA is part of Netifice's commitment to its Dedicated Access Customers to stand behind its internal processes, network and quality of service.
Netifice Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: 714-881-4682 Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
Questions about billing: 714-327-2000
Technical Support: 888-638-3696
Netifice Technical Tools
Netifice's ASN number is AS4565
Netifice's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
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