Onramp Access Highlights


Data Centers do not have compliancy standards.  They are often just bare buildings that are built out as a data center facility, to the standards of the particular engineer and marketing manager in charge.  The goal for many of these types of facilities is to appeal to customers with visual "bells and whistles" versus a concentration on the robustness of the facility infrastructure.

OnRamp Access is different! It is a a converted Telecom Central office with 120 years of Telecom compliancy standards built into it. (NEBS COMPLIANCY) Also since we have been in the data center business since the public data center busines started, we have resolved countless issues and built a redundancy-based facility that is virtually fool proof.  We receive countless calls from customers in Tier 2/3/4 facilities with horror stories of outages and bad service.

Another major differentiator, is that OnRamp Access maintains a full-service web development department that have been around since web sites began.  We handle huge government sites, complicated eccomerce sites from front end to back end etc.  Whether a customer is interested in this service or not, is not the main issue.  Our technical staff in the Network Operations Center has to be highly technically competant to be able to converse with programmers.  But certainly, it draws to logical conclusion that a customer could potentially build and or maintain their web sites and collocate/use a manged server platform in the same tier 1 facility.

Another very important point of note is that is that there are no storm-related issues with Austin, Texas as would be the case with other parts of the country.

T1 service is not all the same; we offer a full 1.544Mbps circuit with BGP4 routing and 3 huge tier 1 bandwidth carriers. Our installation time from start to finish is often 5 days, in an industry that 35 to 90 day install time periods are standard. The $399 per month charge is both port and loop. For customers who are in remote areas, we can house them in our superior Data center facility which sits right on the internet, on the same power grid as AMD and Sematech. Customers can easily access their server remotely or use the services of our 24/7/365 highly-experienced tecnical staff.