Onramp Access 5-7 days 99.99% 99.5% 99.9% 4 hours 90 ms 99.9% 100% Yes, see notes See notes Onramp Access's SLA was last updated Monday January 25, 2010 Average 5 to 7 days, 10 days on the outside. Installation dates may not
be met when the building has wiring problems or due to non-upgraded
NPA/NXX databases of the incumbent CLEC. Facilities for service in an incumbent CLEC Central
Office equal or less than 50 miles from the customer premise. The local
Loop and CPE are included. T1s are monitored in the Network Operations
Center and alarms sound both with the engineering staff and the
operations center technicians on duty when there is an outage (99.99% of
the time is a router)
Pre-established customer determined escalation procedures are followed. Facilities greater than 50 miles from the customer premise with the service. Local loop and CPE are included. PLEASE CONTACT PAT FERNANDEZ FOR SPECICS AT 512 322 9200 EXT 330 OR EMAIL pfernandez@onr.com Approximately 4 hours if it is an OnRamp Access specific issue. This does not include local CLEC fiber cuts etc. We don't offer a maximum Approximately 99.9% We have had no complaints of packet loss. We do not offer a documented guarantee but have had no requirements for it from customers. PLEASE CONTACT PAT FERNANDEZ DIRECTLY FOR SPECIFICS 512 322 9200 EXT 330 We do schedule maintenance downtown periodically at off-peak times like
2Am in the morning and notify customers ahead of time before that
occurs. Early termination requires 100% of the remaining contract term to be