Updated: Monday January 25, 2010
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Company Name
PAETEC (PAETEC Communications, Inc.)
PAETEC Services
Dedicated Internet Access (Fractional to Full T1, T3, OCx, Frame Relay), Local, Long Distance MPLS, VPN, email scanning...Equipment for Services*

We offer a FREE, comprehensive, total telecom analysis. In many cases we can show savings by identifying over trunking, under trunking and much much more. Whether or not you are tied into a contract with another carrier, we offer this service free of charge...call today to see if we can help you cut your telecom costs!

Equipment for Services
*Do you have equipment you wish to purchase but budgetary contraints are preventing you from making the purchase? (copiers, routers, phone systems, modular furniture...) We have a program that can help you get into that equipment today, in many cases with no capital outlay. Call today to find out how our equipment for services program can help your business...310-733-2236
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Founding Principles
PAETEC Communications was founded in 1998 when CEO Arunas Chesonis and a core team of visionary executives recognized that existing telecommunications providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business -first-rate customer service. PAETEC was founded on the principle that extraordinary customer service is the essential prerequisite to financial success. With over 200 years of combined experience in telecommunications and information technology, PAETEC's executive team has crafted a dynamic corporate culture that emphasizes people as the essential corporate asset, and world-class partnerships as the foundation for long-term business growth.

Corporate Mission
PAETEC's corporate mission is to be the most customer and employee-oriented business in any market it serves. This challenging objective has led to extraordinary financial and commercial success in a market that has otherwise suffered dramatic losses during the same time period. PAETEC's customer satisfaction rates today are among the highest in the history of the telecommunications industry, and we have a financial position that is the envy of our competitors. For 2003, Deloitte and Touche has identified PAETEC as the second fastest growing technology company in North America. Business success like this doesn't happen by accident.

Quality as a Way of Life
Telecommunications is an inherently complex business, and the value of precise quality control is difficult to overemphasize. No small part of our success has been the result of our dedication to continuous quality improvement in our products, our processes, and our people, and we have the credentials to prove it. PAETEC is the only integrated communications provider in its class to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification, and we regularly seek recertification as ISO standards evolve. ISO 9001:2000 is a rigorous specification of standards for quality management, quality assurance, and continuous process improvement that has been adopted by more than 90 countries around the world. As an internationally respected and highly coveted achievement, ISO 9001 certification underscores PAETEC's long-standing corporate commitment to delivering communications solutions and services of the highest quality.

PAETEC Service Level Guarantee on Private Line, Clear Channel T1 Service
PAETEC's commitment on provisioning:
PAETEC's commitment on On-net Network Availability:
PAETEC's commitment on Off-net Network Availability:
PAETEC's commitment on Maximum Time to Restore:
PAETEC's commitment on Data Delivery:
PAETEC's commitment on Maximum Latency:
PAETEC's commitment on Maximum Packet Loss:
PAETEC's commitment on Throughput:
PAETEC's commitment on Scheduled Downtime: No scheduled maintanence
PAETEC's termination options: See notes
PAETEC Contact Numbers
Questions about pricing or to order services: Mention T1 Shopper for faster service!
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Technical Support:
PAETEC Quotes and Pricing
Melissa Marks
Network Consultant
PAETEC Technical Tools
PAETEC's ASN number is
PAETEC's Looking Glass/Traceroute tool for measuring network performace is here.
Equipment for Services
Do you have equipment/software you wish to purchase but budgetary contraints are preventing you from making the purchase (i.e. technology upgrades, routers, phone systems,software, modular furniture, copiers...)? We have a program that can help you get into that solution today, in many cases with no capital outlay. Leverage your bundled Teleco buying power; Call today to find out how our equipment for services program can help your business: 310-733-2262
PAETEC References
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Loyola Marymount University, 3Comm Corporation, J. P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Southern California Edison, Georgetown University, Prime Hospitality Corporation, Four Seasons Hotels, Linksys, City of Hope Medical, Univ. of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Navy Federal Credit Union, Universal Studios, AAA, Eastman Kodak, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Tufts University, General Electric, Farmers Insurance, Good Samaritan Hospital, University of Southern California (USC), Waste Management "Our relationship with PAETEC paid off. Their Equipment for Services program enabled us to procure $70,000 in routing and security equipment with no upfront capital expense. The result is a design that offers us bulletproof redundancy for voice and data communications with low maintenance by our support staff. All this and we saved money over our previous provider." - Patti Consilvio, Director of Operations, Women First Healthcare
PAETEC Top Rankings/News

Jun 05, 2006 - PAETEC Selects Lucent Technologies' New 'Smart' Call Processing Service
May 31, 2006 - PAETEC Signs Software Contract with the City of New York
May 18, 2006 - PAETEC Welcomes New Board Member Mark Zupan
May 09, 2006 - PAETEC SECURETEC MPLS Now Has a World-Reach
May 02, 2006 - PAETEC Now Offers Software for Services Financing Program

Press Releases

PAETEC Leadership
PAETEC Employees
PAETEC Key Dates
PAETEC Headquarters
PAETEC Service Locations
We cover the nation! PAETEC currently serves customers in 27 markets, including: Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Connecticut, Long Island, Los Angeles, Maryland, Miami, New Hampshire, New York City, New Jersey, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Beach/Boca Raton, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rhode Island, Rochester, San Diego, Syracuse, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Western Massachusetts, Westchester County. PAETEC Communications Switch Sites Rochester Albany Boston New York City (x2) Philadelphia Virginia Miami Los Angeles Chicago Anaheim