SAVVIS Highlights
Below is a link to a Network World study conducted on various backbone providers, where SAVVIS out-performed all vendors involved, with zero packet loss and 100% availability. Along with our role in the financial services market, we deploy a Private Network Access architecture within our network that allows you to bypass the public exchange points on the Internet, getting you to your end destination in a maximum of two HOP's. This significantly reduces your latency and optimizes your throughput. We have built our network from the ground up to service the financial vertical, and have to provide optimal reliability for these customers or they stand to lose millions of dollars. We are a global network services provider with our North American NOC located in St. Louis. Recently, SAVVIS won the award for best customer service across all industries, at the American Business Awards. This is a testament to our customer support model. A live certified technician answers the call within five rings and is able to resolve the issue 95% of the time on the first call. Also, we proactively contact you if there is an outage within 15 minutes.