TelePacific Communications
Standard Interval is 45 Days Yes Yes 45 Day interval 4 MTTR 60 Millliseconds no > than 1% 85% Yes, see notes See notes TelePacific Communications
's SLA was last updated Monday January 25, 2010 TelePacific understands that a successful customer experience starts with a successful customer installation. If a customer requires an expedite, we do have expedite charges we can discuss with you. Our Project Coordinators will negotiate a due date with you, and if we do not install service by that date - portions of the expedite charge will be credited back to you for every day we miss. In regards to cancelation of service, please contact me to discuss. We have SLAs for all TelePacific Voice and Data products. On-Net services are defined as TelePacific Core Products and Services. Examples are Voice Only PRIs, Supertrunks, Internet Service, MPLS, and Flex Bundles etc. provisioned within our footprint. TelePacific has 99.999% Service Guarantee. Off-Net services are defined as products sold on a resell basis. For example, Metro Private Lines, Business Line Custom, etc. Data is defined as Internet and MPLS Private IP Service. TelePacific has a 4 hour Mean Time to Repair. If services are not restored within 4 hours, our customer can receive credits towards their account. This is stated in our Service Level Guarantees. TelePacific Latency Guarantee provides the customer shall not experience an average round trip ping latency of greater than 60 milliseconds. TelePacifics Packet Loss Guarantee provides that the customers sustained packet loss will be no greater than 1% in a given calendar month. If Operations is going to maintenance, and it will be customer effecting