TelWest Highlights

The key to the success of Tel West has been systematic, controlled growth.  We maintain our low prices by achieving high levels of customer satisfaction (and loyalty), thereby allowing us to spread the fixed costs associated with telecommunications over a longer term. 

Since 1998, Tel West has been leading the way as a stable, inexpensive alternative to the overpriced telecommunications monopolies within the markets that we serve.  In the years since our inception, we have been able to consolidate numerous other niche telecommunications companies, giving us the opportunity to decrease the cost of our facilities while simultaneously expanding our footprint.

A high-powered and proven telecommunications network is one of the most important components of a competitive business strategy.  But with all the advances in technology and the complex choices they bring, you need to offer dependable products and services with flexible pricing to meet your business's evolving data, voice and Internet communications needs. Part of what makes us forward thinking is our understanding of how a business grows and how its communications needs can change over time.  That’s why we’ve created a powerful suite of business-class communications solutions that can grow and change as your business grows.