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California T1 Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed wireless Internet service refers to a wireless distribution system used in a fixed location, such as an office or home, as opposed to a mobile system, such as cell phones and PDAs. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a ground-based microwave platform rather than through a phone line; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or even local phone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for phone service or laying new cables. This makes it ideal for places that have limited phone service, cannot be reached with traditional DSL service, or where traditional T1 service is cost prohibitive.
Provider NameOfficesContactPhoneWeb SiteE-mail
ExoCom Inc. Anaheim, CA Tim Waite (714) 772-6612 http://www.exo.com/ tim@exo.com
Ascendance Auburn, CA Mark Cederloff (530) 887-8300 http://www.ascendance.net/ sales@ascendance.net
Comm4Comm, Inc Cameron Park, CA Barry Rinaldo (877) 550-3330 http://www.comm4comm.com/ customerservice@comm4comm.net
MPF Systems Clovis, CA Mike Fennell (559) 708-4149 http://www.mpfsystems.com/ mfennell@mpfsystems.com
ColusaNET Inc. Colusa, CA Rick Kunze (530) 458-7766 http://www.colusanet.com/ rkunze@colusanet.com
Velociter Wireless Escalon, CA Scott Vander Dussen (209) 838-1221 http://www.velociter.net/ scott@velociter.net
Paradise Valley Broadband Fairfield, CA Brendan Obra (707) 429-5204 http://www.pvbb.net/ info@pvbb.net
NextWeb, Inc. Fremont, CA David Williams (800) 407-4855 http://www.nextweb.net/ dwilliams@nextweb.net
Integrity Networks Fresno, CA Rod Caglia (559) 250-3622 http://www.integritynet.com/ rod@integritynet.com
Maverick Broadband, Inc. Fresno, CA Daren Stemwedel (559) 439-6600 http://www.maverickbroadband.com/ daren@maverickbroadband.com
Calcom Gilroy, CA Cesar Artiga (408) 499-8389 http://www.calcom.us/ info@calcom.us
Midcal Broadband Hilmar, CA Frank Gomes (877) 910-WIFI http://www.midcalbroadband.com/ sales@midcalbroadband.com
Riptide Wireless Irvine, CA Brad Sachs (949) 417-9000 http://www.riptidewireless.com/ brad@riptidewireless.com
Shoreline Wireless Inc. Malibu, CA Lynn Leonhard (310) 457-2891 http://www.shoreline-wireless.com/ lleonhard@shoreline-wireless.com
High Desert Wireless Broadband Communication Mojave, CA Chuck Moses (661) 824-3431 http://www.hdwbc.com/ chuck@hdwireless.net
Etheric Networks Montara, CA Alexander Hagen (650) 728-3375 http://www.etheric.net/ sales@etheric.net
AeroSurf Murrieta, CA Jason Diskin (909) 304-9986 http://www.aerosurf.net/ info@aerosurf.net
Blazen Wireless Murrieta, CA Martin Moreno (909) 907-4106 http://www.blazenwireless.com/ sales@blazenwireless.com
NapaLink Wireless Internet Napa, CA Lars Locken (707) 257-8500 http://www.napalink.com/ sales@napalink.com
Nor Cal Broadband, Inc. Newcastle, CA Kerry Smith (800) 577-6630 http://www.ncbb.net/ Dutch@ncbb.net
Oswi.net Ontario, CA Dan Laue (877) GOT-WIFI http://www.oswi.net/ dan@oswi.net
CV-Access Patterson, CA Tim Kerns (209) 892-5809 http://www.cv-access.com/ info@cv-access.com
NetVelocite Patterson, CA Mike Mcgarity (209) 892-4575 http://www.netvelocite.net/ mmcgarity@netvelocite.net
Thunder Mountain Wireless Ramona, CA Terry Mcneill (760) 788-8688 http://www.tmwireless.com/ terry@tmwireless.com
FastKat Wireless, Inc. Roseville, CA (916) 408-3066 http://www.fastkat.com/
Surewest Broadband Roseville, CA Al Hill (916) 786-4548 http://www.surewest.com/ a.hill@surewest.com
RedWire Broadband San Diego, CA Jim Comeaux (858) 244-9040 http://www.redwire.net/ jcomo@redwire.net
Sympel Communications San Francisco, CA Robert Chow (415) 243-8870 http://www.sympel.com/ info@sympel.com
Sonic.net Santa Rosa, CA Matt Kirk (707) 522-1000 http://www.sonic.net/ mkirk@sonic.net
Gatespeed Broadband, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Dan Arra (408) 747-1507 http://www.gatespeed.com/ darra@gatespeed.com
Exwire, Inc Truckee, CA Devin Koch (530) 587-4312 http://www.exwire.com/ sales@exwire.com
Westcoast Wireless, Inc. Tulare, CA Raymond Hatch (559) 688-3514 http://www.westcoastwireless.com/ rayhatch@westcoastwireless.com
HyperDSL Vallejo, CA Jc Randall (707) 643-0105 http://www.hyperdsl.net/ jc@hyperdsl.net
Wescom Wireless Vallejo, CA Wesley Pak (707) 556-3189 http://www.wescomwireless.com/ wesley@wescomwireless.com
Desert Wireless Victorville, CA Tim Harris (760) 245-1161 http://www.dwisp.net/ Operations@dwisp.net
Instawave Networks LLC Willits, CA James Padula (707) 459-5392 http://www.instawave.net/ jpadula@instawave.net
Winters Broadband LLC Winters, CA Brian Horn (530) 795-1893 http://www.winters-broadband.com/ bhorn@winters-broadband.com
Skyline Broadband Service Woodside, CA Bill Prince (650) 917-9279 http://www.skylinebroadbandservice.com/ info@SkylineBroadbandService.com
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