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Idaho T1 Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed wireless Internet service refers to a wireless distribution system used in a fixed location, such as an office or home, as opposed to a mobile system, such as cell phones and PDAs. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a ground-based microwave platform rather than through a phone line; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or even local phone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for phone service or laying new cables. This makes it ideal for places that have limited phone service, cannot be reached with traditional DSL service, or where traditional T1 service is cost prohibitive.
Provider NameOfficesContactPhoneWeb SiteE-mail
MetroCloud, Inc. Boise, ID Michael T. Bishop (208) 919-0771 http://www.metrocloud.com/ sales@metrocloud.com
SpeedyQuick Networks, Inc Boise, ID David Blood (208) 344-3837 http://boise.ap.speedyquick.net/ sales@speedyquick.net
Wizardwire.com by FutureTouch, llc Eagle, ID Trenna Peterson (208) 939-4617 http://wizardwire.com/ trenna@wizardwire.net
Digicom256.com Emmett, ID Larry (208) 365-3073 http://www.digicom256.com/ doclarry@digicom256.com
Cybrquest Kooskia, ID Wayne Charleston (208) 926-7033 http://www.cybrquest.com/ wayne@cybrquest.com
Strategic Information Services Mccall, ID Jim Pace (800) 426-0794 http://www.ctcweb.net/ jim.pace@ctcweb.net
Heritage Wireless Internet Meridian, ID Toby Simpson (208) 846-9290 107 http://www.heritagewifi.com/ toby@heritagewifi.com
First Step Internet Moscow, ID Mark Dinges (208) 882-8869 http://www.firststepwireless.com/ wireless@fsr.com
Last Mile Wireless Preston, ID Tj Burbank (208) 852-4075 http://www.plmw.com/ tjburbank@plmw.com
Safelink Internet Rupert, ID Corey Wilson (208) 436-8888 http://www.safelink.net/ info@safelink.net
NIDAHO.NET Sandpoint, ID Gary Garrett (208) 265-1788 http://www.nidaho.net/ ggarrett@nidaho.net
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