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Illinois T1 Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed wireless Internet service refers to a wireless distribution system used in a fixed location, such as an office or home, as opposed to a mobile system, such as cell phones and PDAs. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a ground-based microwave platform rather than through a phone line; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or even local phone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for phone service or laying new cables. This makes it ideal for places that have limited phone service, cannot be reached with traditional DSL service, or where traditional T1 service is cost prohibitive.
Provider NameOfficesContactPhoneWeb SiteE-mail
New Wave Net Bloomington, IL Garth Nicholas (309) 275-5557 http://www.nwnc.net/ info@nwnc.net
CCI Airlink Bradley, IL Todd Creek (815) 933-2900 http://www.cciairlink.com/ todd@cciairlink.com
Tincans Wireless Internet Carlyle, IL Chadd Thompson (618) 594-8314 http://www.tincans.net/ chadd@tincans.net
Netwitz Internet Services Centralia, IL Brian Witzel (618) 533-5447 http://www.netwitz.net/ brian@netwitz.net
Monster Wireless Internet Chatham, IL Craig Lansing (217) 625-3522 http://www.fastmonster.net/ craig@fastmonster.net
Cooke Technologies Danville, IL Bill Moran (217) 446-7227 http://www.cooketech.net/ bmoran@cooketech.net
Midwest Wireless Diamond, IL Mark Henderson (815) 634-4200 http://www.mainlinebroadband.com/ mhender@mainlinebroadband.com
Fox Valley Internet, Inc. Elgin, IL Paul C. Diem (847) 742-4623 http://www.foxvalley.net/ PCDiem@FoxValley.net
Bspeedy Wireless Flora, IL Rick Hickox (618) 662-4095 http://www.bspeedy.com/ sales@bspeedy.com
KWISP Wireless Internet Glen Ellyn, IL Ken Hohhof (877) 942-5940 http://www.kwisp.com/ khohhof@kwisp.com
WATEKCO Gurnee, IL Yomi Ahmed (847) 223-4149 http://www.watekco.net/ info@watekco.net
Air-Wans Wireless Broadband Joliet, IL Frank Anderson (815) 726-4067 http://www.air-wans.com/ frank@air-wans.net
Big Sky Wireless Lansing, IL Eric Buchaus (708) 474-4581 http://www.bigskywireless.com/ ebuchaus@bigskywireless.com
Copper-Free Networks Libertyville, IL Don Castella (847) 996-0001 http://www.copper-free.net/ dcastella@copper-free.net
db3 Broadband, LLC Libertyville, IL Dan Belmont (847) 247-1500 http://www.db3broadband.com/ danbelmont@db3broadband.com
WOWACCESS, INC. Lisle, IL Kevin Kroc (630) 729-9613 http://www.wowaccess.com/ kevin@wowaccess.com
Zing Lisle, IL Rick Herrmann (630) 299-7600 http://zinginternet.com/ info@zinginternet.com
Infobahn Outfitters, Inc. Macomb, IL Melissa Calhoun (309) 836-3706 http://www.outfitters.com/ info@outfitters.com
Cyber Broadcasting, L.L.C. Minooka, IL Support/Sales (815) 467-2504 http://www.cbcast.com/ tech@cbcast.com
Mt. Vernon. Net, Inc. Mt. Vernon, IL Wireless Department (618) 244-6868 http://www.mvn.net/ wireless@mvn.net
Covewireless Mundelein, IL Craig T. Jordan (847) 826-4804 http://www.covewireless.com/ cjordan@covewireless.com
NewarkNet Wireless Newark, IL Ryan Whalen (815) 695-5420 http://www.newarknet.net/ rwhalen@newarknet.net
PDQLink North Aurora, IL Lynn Kline (630) 466-9090 http://www.pdqlink.com/ salesteam@pdqlink.com
Wisper ISP Ofallon, IL Nathan Stooke (618) 206-4190 http://www.wisperisp.com/ nstooke@wisperisp.com
StarNetWX Palatine, IL Nicole Mahler (866) 492-6899 http://www.starnetwx.net/ sales@starnetwx.net
USAirWave Princeton, IL Sean Selman (309) 649-1080 http://www.usairwave.com/ wireless@usairwave.com
Rock River Internet Rockford, IL Tom Harker (815) 968-7888 http://www.rockriver.net/ sales@rockriver.net
SignalBlast.Com, Inc. Rockford, IL Tony Harrolle (815) 397-1700 http://www.signalblast.com/ tharrole@signalblast.com
DuPage Wireless, Inc. Roselle, IL Harry Ehorn (630) 973-6087 http://www.dupagewireless.net/ harry@dupagewireless.net
Saxon Wireless Schaumburg, IL Dave Brose (847) 584-9950 http://www.saxonwireless.com/ admin@saxonwireless.com
comp.net Springfield, IL Robert Fox (217) 544-4108 http://www.comp.net/ bob@mpmis.com
EOS, Inc. (We are known as SpringNet) Springfield, IL Anthony Hopp (217) 241-6000 http://www.springnet1.com/ ahopp@eosinc.com
Essex Computers Sterling, IL Owen Harrell (815) 380-3773 http://www.essex1.com/ wireless@essex1.com
theWISP.net Tampico, IL Adam Johnson (815) 718-3363 http://www.thewisp.net/ ajohnson@thewisp.net
EZEEWeb.com Trenton, IL Kevin Weber (618) 224-9710 http://www.ezeeweb.com/ kweber@ezeeweb.com
Wonderwave Internet Wonder Lake, IL Michael Hasten (815) 653-7873 http://www.wonderwave.net/ info@wonderwave.net
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