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Indiana T1 Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed wireless Internet service refers to a wireless distribution system used in a fixed location, such as an office or home, as opposed to a mobile system, such as cell phones and PDAs. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a ground-based microwave platform rather than through a phone line; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or even local phone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for phone service or laying new cables. This makes it ideal for places that have limited phone service, cannot be reached with traditional DSL service, or where traditional T1 service is cost prohibitive.
Provider NameOfficesContactPhoneWeb SiteE-mail
Netsurfusa Birdseye, IN Martin Dixon (812) 685-2203 http://newtsurfusa.net/ md@netsurfusa.net
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc. Bluffton, IN Rick Harnish (260) 827-2482 http://www.onlyinternet.net/ wireless@onlyinternet.net
NewWays Centerville, IN Scott Reed http:// sreed@att.net
USppp, Inc. Decatur, IN Al Lautzenheiser (260) 724-3222 http://www.usppp.com/ sysop@usppp.com
JORSM Internet Dyer, IN Lee Watson (219) 322-2180 http://www.jorsm.com/ sales@jorsm.com
Hope Wireless Hope, IN Tom Haynes (812) 546-0199 http://www.tomhaynes.net/ service@tomhaynes.net
Spitfire Wireless, Inc. Indianapolis, IN Doug Brown (317) 655-0500 http://www.spitfirewireless.net/ dcbrown@spitfire.net
Hon Enterprises Corporation Marion, IN Matthew Hon (765) 662-0799 http://www.accessairwaves.com/ matthew@accessairwaves.com
Rnet, Inc Martinsville, IN Jason Nelson (765) 342-3554 http://www.rnetinc.net/ jtn@jtn.cx
AIRbaud Merrillville, IN Lee Childress (888) 247-2283 http://www.airbaud.com/ info@airbaud.com
Michiana Wireless Mishawaka, IN John Buwa (574) 288-1678 http://www.michianawireless.com/ sales@michianawireless.com
Precision Data Solutions Mooresville, IN Eric Rogers (317) 831-3000 http://www.precisionds.com/ ecrogers@precisionds.com
DNS Online Plymouth, IN Tom Andrews (574) 941-2246 http://www.dnsonline.net/wireless.htm mgr@dnsonline.net
AAA Wireless South Bend, IN Rudy Yakym Iii (888) 293-3693 http://www.aaawireless.net/ rudy3@cyberlink.com
Fourway.Net South Bend, IN Roland Houin (800) 733-0062 http://www.fourway.net/ RHouin@Fourway.net
Enhanced Telecommunications Sunman, IN Steve Greiwe (812) 623-2122 http://www.etc1.net/ sgreiwe@etc1.net
Net Works, Inc Valparaiso, IN Kenneth Pajor (219) 476-9175 http://www.wearenetworks.com/ sales@wearenetworks.com
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