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Michigan T1 Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Fixed wireless Internet service refers to a wireless distribution system used in a fixed location, such as an office or home, as opposed to a mobile system, such as cell phones and PDAs. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a ground-based microwave platform rather than through a phone line; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or even local phone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for phone service or laying new cables. This makes it ideal for places that have limited phone service, cannot be reached with traditional DSL service, or where traditional T1 service is cost prohibitive.
Provider NameOfficesContactPhoneWeb SiteE-mail
ISP Wireless Inc. Alma, MI Chris Carey (989) 466-6104 http://www.ispwg.com/ chris@ispwg.com
Wireless Technology Solutions Alto, MI Mike Greenfield (616) 868-6147 http://www.wirelesstechsolutions.com/ Mike@WirelessTechSolutions.com
BigTube Wireless Caro, MI Kerry Penland (989) 673-7323 http://www.bigtube.net/ info@bigtube.net
BlazeConnect, Inc. Cheboygan, MI Greg A. Bur (866) 565-2683 http://www.blazeconnect.net/ greg@blazeconnect.net
Great Lakes Internet Inc. Croswell, MI Clyde Messinger (810) 679-3395 http://www.greatlakes.net/ admin@greatlakes.net
CMSInter.Net LLC Crystal, MI Jeremy Sheets (800) 828-3745 http://www.cmsinter.net/ jeremy@cmsinter.net
Nomad Internet Crystal, MI Mark Winslow (989) 235-6100 http://www.nomadinter.net/ mark@nomadinter.net
Tri-County Wireless Fenton, MI Fred Moses (810) 433-6800 http://www.tcwireless.us/ fred.moses@tcwireless.us
Internet Solutions Group Flint, MI Robert Spears (810) 244-7777 http://www.isgconnect.com/ rspears@iflint.net
Endless Journey Internet Gladwin, MI Jason Schuster (800) 727-8838 http://www.ejourney.com/ admin@ejourney.com
Internet 2000 Grand Rapids, MI Mark Reisch (269) 217-6299 http://www.i2kwireless.com/ markr@i2k.com
Michwave Technologies Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Jon Langeler (616) 892-5779 http://www.michwave.com/ jon@michwave.com
Latest Wave, LLC Grandville, MI Tom Van Spronsen (616) 532-8283 http://www.latestwave.com/ tom@latestwave.com
All-In-One Wireless, Inc. Greenville, MI Jason Smith (616) 754-3498 http://www.oneisp.net/ jason@oneisp.net
Southern Michigan Broadband LLC Hillsdale, MI Eric Olmstead (517) 283-1615 http://www.smbllc.net/ eolmstead@smbllc.net
ASI Wireless Holt, MI Sales (800) 246-0048 http://www.asiwireless.net/ sales@asiwireless.net
Wireless Media Technologies LLC Ionia, MI Darin Willson (616) 522-9804 http://wmtonline.com/ darinwil@wmtonline.com
Lakewood Wireless, LLC Lake Odessa, MI Micah Steed (616) 374-7787 http://www.lakewoodwireless.net/ micah@ittechnique.com
Reliable Internet, LLC Lake Odessa, MI Brian Rohrbacher (269) 838-8338 http://www.reliableinter.net/ brian@reliableinter.net
AirWave Computer Services, LLC Lowell, MI David Yomtoob (616) 318-9100 http://www.airwavecomputer.net/ dave@airwavecomputer.net
Rural Technology Corporation Mcbain, MI Jay Deboer (231) 825-8500 http://www.ruraltec.net/ info@ruraltec.net
Harbor Country Internet New Buffalo, MI Roy Roll (1269) 469-951 http://authdirect.com/ harbornet@direcway.com
Mutual Data Services Inc. St Johns, MI Barry Buchholz (989) 224-6839 http://www.mutualdata.com/ sales@mutualdata.com
Crystal Automation Systems, Inc. Stanton, MI Steven R. Meinhardt (989) 831-8800 http://www.crystalauto.com/ steve@crystalauto.com
Rural Communications Three Rivers, MI Raymond Bonkowski (269) 273-4148 http://www.ruralcommunications.net/ rbonkowski@bcinetworks.net
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