XO Communications Highlights
XO™: The National Local Exchange Carrier™ Dedicated to Business - XO is a leading U.S. NLEC™ (National Local Exchange Carrier™) The next step beyond the regional scope of CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers). XO Financials: Operationally Strong - $391.9M in total revenue for 3Q04 - Current cash on hand, marketable securities and investment in debt securities: $254.2M - Positive 3Q04 EBITDA of $20.5M - Raised $200M in additional capital through private placement (subsequent to 2Q04 end) Technology Fast 50 - In October 2004, XO named to Deloitte & Touche’s prestigious “Technology Fast 50” in Virginia for its 305% revenue growth - Third time in four years XO has been named XO™ Physical Network Assets - Metro Fiber Networks in 63 markets - Additional 12 markets served via shared facilities - OC-192 IP backbone network with eight-node core - Designed exclusively for businesses - Seamless, unified network: no single point of failure - Tier-one Internet connections - Direct access to 100% of Internet traffic - Capacity to peers greater than 35 Gb XO™ Switching Technology Assets Voice Assets - XO handles all classic voice services, including local - 34 Nortel DMS-500 switches - 36 Sonus IP SoftSwitches (81 gateways / presence in 33 markets) - Support all types of voice traffic - Provides XO the ability to incorporate new Web and IP technology into Next Generation voice offerings