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T1 Shopper's Core Values

T1 Shopper exists to:

  1. Make others successful.
    Our job is to find out how our business partners define success and make it easier for them to achieve it. We first make our employee business partners successful. Their success then easily spills over onto all our other business partners who come in contact with us.
  2. Innovate.
    In other words, “Why aren’t we doing it another way?” Or, “Is there any other way we could be doing it that would make us more effective at making others successful?”  We challenge the status quo. If there’s a better technology or workflow or presentation that more effectively empowers our business partners to achieve their success then we will implement it.
  3. Put knowledge into action.
    We want to provide expertise that is useful. If T1 Shopper cannot provide expert advice and counsel to our business partners then it need not exist. As a result of working with T1 Shopper the business partner will be armed and empowered with the knowledge they need to succeed in the marketplace.
  4. Be independent.
    T1 Shopper’s independence is the trickling spring from which innovation flows. T1 Shopper will not be bound in ways (like excessive debt) that limit its ability to move quickly, freely and autonomously. T1 Shopper is only bound by these core values and anything that limits or compromises our ability to follow them must be thrown off. Our independence gives us the freedom to be frank about our shortcomings.
  5. Be reverent.
    Our time on Earth is short when compared with the expanse of time. We believe it isn’t possible to be knowledgeable, independent, innovative or even successful without a reverence for God. T1 Shopper will embody an attitude of deep respect and reverence leading to an outward manifestation that demonstrates deep respect for people, cultures, our habitat and more importantly, our Creator.

T1 Shopper does not value:

  1. Its monetary position.
    While maintaining a positive balance sheet is crucial to our continued viability we don’t believe that our financial position (short term or otherwise) is directly indicative of our success.  Just because we are mearly finantially wealthy doesn't mean we're successful.  Instead we find that our success is determined by how effectively we are expressing our vaules.
  2. Its size.
    It is easy assume that a greater market share or a larger number of employees or the grandeur of our buildings are manifestations of success and while they may be, we don’t want our success to be limited by this metric. Size for the sake of size doesn't make us more successful. In fact, if our size is limiting our ability to make our business partners more successful then our size must change.
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