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A T1 is a term for a digital carrier facility used to transmit a DS-1 formatted digital signals at 1.544 megabits per second. This is made up of 24 digital channels. This requires a digital connection device (CSU/DSU {customer switching unit/digital switching unit}) to connect to four wires to carry the information. Most small Internet providers have a T1 (or a fractional T1) line as their connection to the Internet. A Full T1 should accommodate from one to over 200+ users and other services from an Internet provider. Unlike the modem that is in most computers a T1 line requires a CSU/DSU and the connection. The modem that is in your computer is analog. The newer 56K modems are a transition from analog to user affordable digital technology. The newer ISDN modems are digital to allow for the higher speeds.

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