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Received by a T1 Shopper client as customer feedback Sunday, February 08, 2004 1:59 PM

The T1 connection was very poor. I have had the [Reseller’s] network removed and a SBC T1 has since replaced it with a must better connection.

I had problems from the beginning because of what I think was [OEM Provider] not helping [Reseller’s]. I don't care - that is between the two companies. First they told me, “Yes you can get a T1”, Then they said, “NO”. Then [OEM Provider] called and said "We can do it". I called [Reseller] told them, “Never mind [OEM Provider] can do it”. They said wait!! If they can, we can. I'm like, “Alright, somebody do something”.

Anyway, I had [Reseller’s] line put in and my latency was 178ms to almost all my servers in town!!! 178 Oh My God!!! I could do better on AOL dial up. Not a good T1. So worked with tech support for a week they could not resolve any issues. Download and Upload speeds were no where near each other - Upload was 12k!!! - They could not figure it out. I think it was [OEM Provider] making [Reseller] look bad because they wanted the account. I don’t know and I don’t care!!!

Now [Reseller] has sent me a bill for $500.00 disconnect!!!  That is [****]!!! I demand this be removed!!!  At once or we will be in court soon.  I have the router and refuse to send it back until this is cleared up. They are billing me for something they could not provide.

I'm sorry but I can not say too many good things about [Reseller] and that’s a shame because I too am a service provider and would have been able to sell more lines for this product. Hopefully [Reseller] and [OEM Provider] can work out the problems.

- Jessie from Victoria, Texas

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