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Technical Location Specifics
Information valid through:March 31, 2010 (get new information)
Location:350, Hartford City, Indiana, 47348
Distance from central office:24,615 feet (map it)
Local phone company:ATT
Install telephone:(765) 348-0000
Central Office:HRCYIN01
Provider Technology Speed
Upload (Mbps)
Equiptment Included? Term
Monthly Cost
Buy it
AireSpring (Qwest)T11.51.5Yes, included in price12 Months$679.17
AireSpring (Qwest)T11.51.5Yes, included in price24 Months$629.16
AireSpring (Qwest)T11.51.5Yes, included in price36 Months$622.78
AireSpringT14.54.5Yes, included in price36 Months$1,724.67
AireSpringT14.54.5Yes, included in price24 Months$1,741.75
AireSpringT14.54.5Yes, included in price12 Months$1,780.50
AireSpringT133Yes, included in price12 Months$1,187.00
AireSpringT133Yes, included in price24 Months$1,161.17
AireSpringT133Yes, included in price36 Months$1,149.78
AireSpring (Qwest)DS34545Yes, included in price12 Months$4,390.00
AireSpring (Qwest)DS34545Yes, included in price24 Months$4,406.67
AireSpring (Qwest)DS34545Yes, included in price36 Months$4,401.11
AireSpring (Global Crossing)DS34545Yes, included in price12 Months$7,994.81
AireSpring (Global Crossing)DS34545Yes, included in price36 Months$7,997.02
AireSpring (Qwest)DS355Yes, included in price12 Months$3,770.00
AireSpring (Qwest)DS355Yes, included in price24 Months$3,786.67
AireSpring (Qwest)DS355Yes, included in price36 Months$3,781.11
AireSpring (Global Crossing)DS399Yes, included in price12 Months$6,707.81
AireSpring (Global Crossing)DS399Yes, included in price24 Months$6,711.12
AireSpring (Global Crossing)DS399Yes, included in price36 Months$6,710.02
AireSpring (Verizon)DS32121Yes, included in price12 Months$4,039.00
AireSpring (Verizon)DS32121Yes, included in price24 Months$4,080.67
AireSpring (Verizon)DS32121Yes, included in price36 Months$4,066.78
AireSpring (Verizon)DS34545Yes, included in price12 Months$4,441.00
AireSpring (Verizon)DS34545Yes, included in price24 Months$4,482.67
AireSpring (Verizon)DS34545Yes, included in price36 Months$4,468.78

The following carriers are not able to provide this type of service to this specific location at this time: New Edge Networks, Covad, Cavalier, Verizon.
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