T1 Shopper would like to invite you to be a part of the Business Network Integrator Directory.  There are two criteria to joining:

  1. A member of your staff is professional qualified or licenced with any of the groups below.
  2. Your corporate web site contains a text or image link referencing T1 Shopper.

As a charter participant, your listing is free for a limited time and includes a dedicated page on T1 Shopper for you to use to tout your experience, expertise, and services, with a direct link to your Web site.

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Professional Qualification To be listed in Network Integrator directory, your business must have one person working for you that is:
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer +Internet (MCSE+I)
Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)
Sun Certified Network Administrator
CompTIA Network+ Certified
Please select your areas of expertise, the certifications you have, and the brands you support from the drop-down boxes below. The first two selected in the expertise and certifications categories and the first four brands selected will appear on the search results directory listing page. The rest will appear on your full service detail page.
Areas of expertise (First two selected will appear on directory listing page, and all will appear on service detail page.)
   Network Design, Integration and Support Macintosh-based Services
  Desktop Support Database Design or Maintainence Services
  -Oracle or SYBASE or MS-SQL or MySQL, etc.
  Webserver Configuration or Maintainence
  -Apache or IIS/Windows or Sun or NCSA, etc.
Mailserver Services
  Web Design Services Security Services
  -VPN or Firewall or IDS, etc.
  Mainframe services Linux/Open Source Services
  Data Backup/Restore/Recovery services Custom Application Programming services
T1 Router Brands supported
Adtran Kentrox Paradyne WebRanger
Airspeed Larscom Prelude WireSpeed
Cisco Motorola SIEMENS
FLEXCOMM Netopia TXPort  
iMarc OMNIRoute Verilink  
IXPort Osicom Vina Technologies  
From the company: This free-form section will appear on the directory listing page and is your opportunity to sell your company. Include your philosophy, range of services, years in business, awards, licenses, and so on (up to 100 words). Company referrals: Include comments from your clients about your services, which will appear on your service detail page (up to 100 words).
Please select a login e-mail address and password
Just a word of explanation: you will not be able to log back in and edit the information you've entered here until we get closer to launching the directory. However, we will store your e-mail address and password so that you won't have to resubmit it later. If you are concerned about the accuracy of your data, please contact Kris Drey.
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