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T1 Shopper recommends not purchasing your service though a reseller because for most people the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.


  • When you buy your T1 service though a reseller, expect to get that service at a more cost effective rate.  
  • If you're buying service for multiple locations it's convenient to get one bill instead of having to work with multiple vendors.  
  • The convenience and cost effectiveness of working though a reseller can be advantageous HOWEVER, there are disadvantages. 
  • More technical problems with slower resolution. For example, should anything happen to that line, there are potentially at least three companies involved resolving the problem.
    • Company One: Your local phone company (aka "LEC") maintains and will trouble shoot the part of the line that runs from your business back to the local phone companies' office (this part of the line is called the "local loop").
    • Company Two: The "direct" or "original equipment" T1 provider does several things:
      • Picks up the T1 line from the phone company
      • Packs and arranges your T1 signal with their requirement so that it's ready for the next step.
      • Maintains the above expensive T1 processing equipment in the phone companies' office (called the "central office" or "CO").
      • Sends the T1 line out from the CO to a central distribution point (called a "point of presence" or POP).
    • Company Three: The reseller picks up your T1 line here at this central distribution point begins the process of sending it out to the Internet.
  • Higher latency can be involved causing slow network responses. This higher latency can be caused by the additional processes the Reseller goes though in moving your T1 line from the central distribution point (POP) out to the Internet.  If you purchased directly though the original provider, these extra processes would be unnecessary.
  • Disclaimer: Because some direct providers can offer generally poor customer service, it's possible to get better service though that provider purchasing though a reseller.  However, this is uncommon despite what the sales person might tell you otherwise.

The below letter was received by T1 Shopper. We post it here because it details many of the negative experiences that can be associated with purchasing through a reseller. T1 Shopper would prefer that you avoid these hassles and so T1 Shopper suggests buying direct, not though resellers. So how do you avoid working with a reseller??

T1 Shopper requires that all our providers offer direct T1 service. And some of the providers in the T1 Shopper Group offer both "resale" and "direct" T1 services.  To be sure you are purchasing directly, ask your sales person, "For my location, are you reselling someone else's service?" And ask, "Are you offering this service wholesale?".  If the answer to either question is "yes", ask them to explain.  If it's unclear, or shady-sounding, take a moment to post a question in our T1 Shopper Forum or contact us.

"The T1 connection was very poor. I have had the [Reseller’s] network removed and a SBC T1 has since replaced it with a must better connection.

I had problems from the beginning because of what I think was [OEM Provider] not helping [Reseller’s]. I don't care - that is between the two companies. First they told me, “Yes you can get a T1”, Then they said, “NO”. Then [OEM Provider] called and said "We can do it". I called [Reseller] told them, “Never mind [OEM Provider] can do it”. They said wait!! If they can, we can. I'm like, “Alright, somebody do something”.

Anyway, I had [Reseller’s] line put in and my latency was 178ms to almost all my servers in town!!! 178 Oh My God!!! I could do better on AOL dial up. Not a good T1. So worked with tech support for a week they could not resolve any issues. Download and Upload speeds were no where near each other - Upload was 12k!!! - They could not figure it out. I think it was [OEM Provider] making [Reseller] look bad because they wanted the account. I don’t know and I don’t care!!!

Now [Reseller] has sent me a bill for $500.00 disconnect!!!  That is [****]!!! I demand this be removed!!!  At once or we will be in court soon.  I have the router and refuse to send it back until this is cleared up. They are billing me for something they could not provide.

I'm sorry but I can not say too many good things about [Reseller] and that’s a shame because I too am a service provider and would have been able to sell more lines for this product. Hopefully [Reseller] and [OEM Provider] can work out the problems."

- Jessie from Victoria, Texas

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