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Port Number List Of Services Matching ACTIVE-NETWORKS

I searched my database for all services matching "active-networks" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
11tcpsystatActive Users
11udpsystatActive Users
220tcpimap3Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
220udpimap3Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
406tcpimspInteractive Mail Support Protocol
406udpimspInteractive Mail Support Protocol
862tcptwamp-controlTwo-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control
862udptwamp-controlTwo-way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Control
1034tcpactivesyncActiveSync Notifications
1034udpactivesyncActiveSync Notifications
1396tcpdvl-activemailDVL Active Mail
1396udpdvl-activemailDVL Active Mail
1397tcpaudio-activmailAudio Active Mail
1397udpaudio-activmailAudio Active Mail
1398tcpvideo-activmailVideo Active Mail
1398udpvideo-activmailVideo Active Mail
1469tcpaal-lmActive Analysis Limited License Manager
1469udpaal-lmActive Analysis Limited License Manager
2176tcprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2176udprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2722tcpproactivesrvrProactive Server
2722udpproactivesrvrProactive Server
2810tcpnetstewardActive Net Steward
2810udpnetstewardActive Net Steward
2859tcpactivememoryActive Memory
2859udpactivememoryActive Memory
3096tcpndl-apsActive Print Server Port
3096udpndl-apsActive Print Server Port
3128tcpndl-aasActive API Server Port
3128udpndl-aasActive API Server Port
3431tcpndl-alsActive License Server Port
3431udpndl-alsActive License Server Port
3655tcpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3655udpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3656tcpabatjssActiveBatch Job Scheduler
3656udpabatjssActiveBatch Job Scheduler
4073tcpiRAPPInteractive Remote Application Pairing Protocol
4073udpiRAPPInteractive Remote Application Pairing Protocol
9389tcpadwsActive Directory Web Services
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