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Port Number List Of Services Matching AF

I searched my database for all services matching "af" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
487tcpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
487udpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
548tcpafpovertcpAFP over TCP
548udpafpovertcpAFP over TCP
902tcpideafarm-doorself documenting Telnet Door
902udpideafarm-doorself documenting Door: send 0x00 for info
903tcpideafarm-panicself documenting Telnet Panic Door
903udpideafarm-panicself documenting Panic Door: send 0x00 for info
1042tcpafrogSubnet Roaming
1042udpafrogSubnet Roaming
1401tcpgoldleaf-licmanGoldleaf License Manager
1401udpgoldleaf-licmanGoldleaf License Manager
1483tcpafsAFS License Manager
1483udpafsAFS License Manager
1859tcpgammafetchsvrGamma Fetcher Server
1859udpgammafetchsvrGamma Fetcher Server
2258tcprctsRotorcraft Communications Test System
2258udprctsRotorcraft Communications Test System
3025tcparepa-raftArepa Raft
3025udparepa-raftArepa Raft
3438tcpspiral-adminSpiralcraft Admin
3438udpspiral-adminSpiralcraft Admin
3574udpdmaf-casterDMAF Caster
3574tcpdmaf-serverDMAF Server
3724tcpblizwowWorld of Warcraft
3724udpblizwowWorld of Warcraft
3917tcpaftmuxAFT multiplex port
3917udpaftmuxAFT multiples port
3980tcpacmsAircraft Cabin Management System
3980udpacmsAircraft Cabin Management System
4049tcpwafsWide Area File Services
4049udpwafsWide Area File Services
4050tcpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4050udpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4362udpafore-vdp-discAFORE vNode Discovery protocol
5215tcpnotezaNOTEZA Data Safety Service
5215sctpnotezaNOTEZA Data Safety Service
5627tcpninafNode Initiated Network Association Forma
5627udpninafNode Initiated Network Association Forma
6343tcpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
6343udpsflowsFlow traffic monitoring
6628tcpafesc-mcAFE Stock Channel M/C
6628udpafesc-mcAFE Stock Channel M/C
7000tcpafs3-fileserverfile server itself
7000udpafs3-fileserverfile server itself
7001tcpafs3-callbackcallbacks to cache managers
7001udpafs3-callbackcallbacks to cache managers
7002tcpafs3-prserverusers & groups database
7002udpafs3-prserverusers & groups database
7003tcpafs3-vlservervolume location database
7003udpafs3-vlservervolume location database
7004tcpafs3-kaserverAFS/Kerberos authentication service
7004udpafs3-kaserverAFS/Kerberos authentication service
7005tcpafs3-volservolume managment server
7005udpafs3-volservolume managment server
7006tcpafs3-errorserror interpretation service
7006udpafs3-errorserror interpretation service
7007tcpafs3-bosbasic overseer process
7007udpafs3-bosbasic overseer process
7008tcpafs3-updateserver-to-server updater
7008udpafs3-updateserver-to-server updater
7009tcpafs3-rmtsysremote cache manager service
7009udpafs3-rmtsysremote cache manager service
7071tcpiwg1IWGADTS Aircraft Housekeeping Message
7071udpiwg1IWGADTS Aircraft Housekeeping Message
7401tcprtps-dd-utRTPS Data-Distribution User-Traffic
7401udprtps-dd-utRTPS Data-Distribution User-Traffic
7402tcprtps-dd-mtRTPS Data-Distribution Meta-Traffic
7402udprtps-dd-mtRTPS Data-Distribution Meta-Traffic
12753tcptsaftsaf port
12753udptsaftsaf port
14149tcpvrts-tddVeritas Traffic Director
14149udpvrts-tddVeritas Traffic Director
19283tcpkeysrvrKey Server for SASSAFRAS
19283udpkeysrvrKey Server for SASSAFRAS
19315tcpkeyshadowKey Shadow for SASSAFRAS
19315udpkeyshadowKey Shadow for SASSAFRAS
23294tcp5afe-dir5AFE SDN Directory
23294udp5afe-disc5AFE SDN Directory discovery
38865tcpsecrmmsafecopyaSecurity approval process for use of the secRMM SafeCopy program
40000tcpsafetynetpSafetyNET p
40000udpsafetynetpSafetyNET p
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