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Port Number List Of Services Matching CAL

I searched my database for all services matching "cal" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
94tcpobjcallTivoli Object Dispatcher
94udpobjcallTivoli Object Dispatcher
111tcpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
111udpsunrpcSUN Remote Procedure Call
121tcperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
121udperpcEncore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
513udpwhomaintains data bases showing who's logged in to machines on a local net and the load average of the machine
520udprouterlocal routing process (on site); uses variant of Xerox NS routing information protocol - RIP
748tcpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
748udpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
1026tcpcapCalendar Access Protocol
1026udpcapCalendar Access Protocol
1033tcpnetinfo-locallocal netinfo port
1033udpnetinfo-locallocal netinfo port
1300tcph323hostcallscH.323 Secure Call Control Signalling
1300udph323hostcallscH.323 Secure Call Control Signalling
1308tcpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1308udpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1446tcpora-lmOptical Research Associates License Manager
1446udpora-lmOptical Research Associates License Manager
1637tcpislcISP shared local data control
1637udpislcISP shared local data control
1720tcph323hostcallH.323 Call Control Signalling
1720udph323hostcallH.323 Call Control Signalling
1720sctph323hostcallH.323 Call Control
1796tcpvocaltec-adminVocaltec Server Administration
1796udpvocaltec-adminVocaltec Server Administration
1860tcpsunscalar-svcSunSCALAR Services
1860udpsunscalar-svcSunSCALAR Services
1870tcpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
1870udpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
1903tcplinknameLocal Link Name Resolution
1903udplinknameLocal Link Name Resolution
2114tcpariascribeClassical Music Meta-Data Access and Enhancement
2114udpariascribeClassical Music Meta-Data Access and Enhancement
2206tcphpocbusHP OpenCall bus
2206udphpocbusHP OpenCall bus
2271tcpmmcalsSecure Meeting Maker Scheduling
2271udpmmcalsSecure Meeting Maker Scheduling
2272tcpmmcalMeeting Maker Scheduling
2272udpmmcalMeeting Maker Scheduling
2305tcpmt-scaleserverMT ScaleServer
2305udpmt-scaleserverMT ScaleServer
2312tcpwanscalerWANScaler Communication Service
2312udpwanscalerWANScaler Communication Service
2392tcptacticalauthTactical Auth
2392udptacticalauthTactical Auth
2517tcpcall-sig-transH.323 Annex E Call Control Signalling Transport
2517udpcall-sig-transH.323 Annex E Call Control Signalling Transport
2552tcpcall-loggingCall Logging
2552udpcall-loggingCall Logging
2569tcpsonuscallsigSonus Call Signal
2569udpsonuscallsigSonus Call Signal
2617tcpcmadminClinical Context Managers
2617udpcmadminClinical Context Managers
2673tcpfirstcall42First Call 42
2673udpfirstcall42First Call 42
2727tcpmgcp-callagentMedia Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
2727udpmgcp-callagentMedia Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
3208tcppfu-prcallbackPFU PR Callback
3208udppfu-prcallbackPFU PR Callback
3330tcpmcs-calypsoicfMCS Calypso ICF
3330udpmcs-calypsoicfMCS Calypso ICF
3352tcpssqlScalable SQL
3352udpssqlScalable SQL
3675tcpcalltraxCallTrax Data Port
3675udpcalltraxCallTrax Data Port
3679tcpEscale (Newton DNewton Dock
3679udpEscale (Newton DNewton Dock
3699tcpkpn-icwInternet Call Waiting
3699udpkpn-icwInternet Call Waiting
3745tcpgw-call-portGWRTC Call Port
3745udpgw-call-portGWRTC Call Port
3816tcpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
3816udpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
4026tcpas-debugGraphical Debug Server
4026udpas-debugGraphical Debug Server
4053tcpccu-comm-1CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 1
4053udpccu-comm-1CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 1
4054tcpccu-comm-2CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 2
4054udpccu-comm-2CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 2
4055tcpccu-comm-3CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 3
4055udpccu-comm-3CosmoCall Universe Communications Port 3
4071tcpaibkupAutomatically Incremental Backup
4071udpaibkupAutomatically Incremental Backup
4312tcppscl-mgtParascale Membership Manager
4334tcpnetconf-ch-sshNETCONF Call Home (SSH)
4335tcpnetconf-ch-tlsNETCONF Call Home (TLS)
4336tcprestconf-ch-tlsRESTCONF Call Home (TLS)
4390tcpwiegandPhysical Access Control
4390udpwiegandPhysical Access Control
4421tcpscaleftMulti-Platform Remote Management for Cloud Infrastructure
4789udpvxlanVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4790udpvxlan-gpeGeneric Protocol Extension for Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
4990tcpbusycalBusySync Calendar Synch. Protocol
4990udpbusycalBusySync Calendar Synch. Protocol
5049tcpivocalizeiVocalize Web Conference
5049udpivocalizeiVocalize Web Conference
5062tcpna-localiseLocalisation access
5062udpna-localiseLocalisation access
5100tcpsocaliaSocalia service mux
5100udpsocaliaSocalia service mux
5298tcppresenceXMPP Link-Local Messaging
5298udppresenceXMPP Link-Local Messaging
5304tcphacl-localHA Cluster Commands
5304udphacl-localHA Cluster Commands
5507tcppsl-managementPowerSysLab Electrical Management
5618tcpefrFiscal Registering Protocol
5670udpzre-discLocal area discovery and messaging over ZeroMQ
5730tcpuniengSteltor's calendar access
5730udpuniengSteltor's calendar access
6087tcpldssLocal Download Sharing Service
6087udpldssLocal Download Sharing Service
6201udpthermo-calcManagement of service nodes in a processing grid for thermodynamic calculations
6482tcpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6482udpldoms-mgmtLogical Domains Management Interface
6624tcpdatascaler-dbDataScaler database
6625tcpdatascaler-ctlDataScaler control
6670tcpvocaltec-goldVocaltec Global Online Directory
6670udpvocaltec-goldVocaltec Global Online Directory
7001tcpafs3-callbackcallbacks to cache managers
7001udpafs3-callbackcallbacks to cache managers
7244tcpfrc-hicpFrontRow Calypso Human Interface Control Protocol
7244udpfrc-hicp-discFrontRow Calypso Human Interface Control Protocol
7262tcpcnapCalypso Network Access Protocol
7262udpcnapCalypso Network Access Protocol
8101tcpldoms-migrLogical Domains Migration
9205tcpwap-vcalWAP vCal
9205udpwap-vcalWAP vCal
9207tcpwap-vcal-sWAP vCal Secure
9207udpwap-vcal-sWAP vCal Secure
11171udpsnssSurgical Notes Security Service Discovery (SNSS)
11720tcph323callsigaltH.323 Call Control Signalling Alternate
11720udph323callsigaltH.323 Call Control Signalling Alternate
16789tcpcadsisvrThis server provides callable services to mainframe External Security Managers from any TCP/IP platform
21848tcpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
21848udpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
22537tcpcaldsoft-backupCaldSoft Backup server file transfer
22555udpvocaltec-phoneVocaltec Internet Phone
22555tcpvocaltec-wconfVocaltec Web Conference
24321tcpildIsolv Local Directory
24321udpildIsolv Local Directory
25793tcpvocaltec-hosVocaltec Address Server
25793udpvocaltec-hosVocaltec Address Server
34378tcpp-net-localP-Net on IP local
34378udpp-net-localP-Net on IP local
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