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Port Number List Of Services Matching CAR

I searched my database for all services matching "car" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
1040tcpnetarxNetarx Netcare
1040udpnetarxNetarx Netcare
1197tcpcarrius-rshellCarrius Remote Access
1197udpcarrius-rshellCarrius Remote Access
1522tcpricardo-lmRicardo North America License Manager
1522udpricardo-lmRicardo North America License Manager
3106tcpcardbox-httpCardbox HTTP
3106udpcardbox-httpCardbox HTTP
3153tcps8-client-portS8Cargo Client Port
3153udps8-client-portS8Cargo Client Port
3292tcpcart-o-ramaCart O Rama
3292udpcart-o-ramaCart O Rama
3516tcpsmartcard-portSmartcard Port
3516udpsmartcard-portSmartcard Port
4573tcpcardifftec-backA port for communication between a server and client for a custom backup system
4953tcpdbsyncarbiterSynchronization Arbiter
5090sctpcarCandidate AR
5270tcpcartographerxmpCartographer XMP
5270udpcartographerxmpCartographer XMP
6148tcpricardo-lmRicardo North America License Manager
6148udpricardo-lmRicardo North America License Manager
7016tcpspgSPG Controls Carrier
7016udpspgSPG Controls Carrier
8041tcpenguity-xccetpXcorpeon ASIC Carrier Ethernet Transport
8041udpenguity-xccetpXcorpeon ASIC Carrier Ethernet Transport
9060tcpCardWeb-IOCardWeb request-response I/O exchange
9060udpCardWeb-RTCardWeb realtime device data
9204tcpwap-vcardWAP vCard
9204udpwap-vcardWAP vCard
9206tcpwap-vcard-sWAP vCard Secure
9206udpwap-vcard-sWAP vCard Secure
9208tcprjcdb-vcardsrjcdb vCard
9208udprjcdb-vcardsrjcdb vCard
10810udpnmc-discNuance Mobile Care Discovery
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