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Port Number List Of Services Matching CIS

I searched my database for all services matching "cis" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
130tcpcisco-fnacisco FNATIVE
130udpcisco-fnacisco FNATIVE
131tcpcisco-tnacisco TNATIVE
131udpcisco-tnacisco TNATIVE
132tcpcisco-syscisco SYSMAINT
132udpcisco-syscisco SYSMAINT
711tcpcisco-tdpCisco TDP
711udpcisco-tdpCisco TDP
1167tcpcisco-ipslaCisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1167udpcisco-ipslaCisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1167sctpcisco-ipslaCisco IP SLAs Control Protocol
1986tcplicensedaemoncisco license management
1986udplicensedaemoncisco license management
1987tcptr-rsrb-p1cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
1987udptr-rsrb-p1cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
1988tcptr-rsrb-p2cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
1988udptr-rsrb-p2cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
1989tcptr-rsrb-p3cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
1989udptr-rsrb-p3cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
1990tcpstun-p1cisco STUN Priority 1 port
1990udpstun-p1cisco STUN Priority 1 port
1991tcpstun-p2cisco STUN Priority 2 port
1991udpstun-p2cisco STUN Priority 2 port
1992tcpstun-p3cisco STUN Priority 3 port
1992udpstun-p3cisco STUN Priority 3 port
1993tcpsnmp-tcp-portcisco SNMP TCP port
1993udpsnmp-tcp-portcisco SNMP TCP port
1994tcpstun-portcisco serial tunnel port
1994udpstun-portcisco serial tunnel port
1995tcpperf-portcisco perf port
1995udpperf-portcisco perf port
1996tcptr-rsrb-portcisco Remote SRB port
1996udptr-rsrb-portcisco Remote SRB port
1997tcpgdp-portcisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
1997udpgdp-portcisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
1998tcpx25-svc-portcisco X.25 service (XOT)
1998udpx25-svc-portcisco X.25 service (XOT)
1999tcptcp-id-portcisco identification port
1999udptcp-id-portcisco identification port
2000tcpcisco-sccpCisco SCCP
2000udpcisco-sccpCisco SCCp
2264tcpapx500api-1Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 1
2264udpapx500api-1Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 1
2265tcpapx500api-2Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 2
2265udpapx500api-2Audio Precision Apx500 API Port 2
2315tcpprecise-sftPrecise Sft.
2315udpprecise-sftPrecise Sft.
2567tcpclpCisco Line Protocol
2567udpclpCisco Line Protocol
3607tcpprecise-i3Precise I3
3607udpprecise-i3Precise I3
4050tcpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4050udpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4051tcpcppdpCisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol
4051udpcppdpCisco Peer to Peer Distribution Protocol
4128tcpnufwNuFW decision delegation protocol
4128udpnufwNuFW decision delegation protocol
4727tcpfcisF-Link Client Information Service
4727udpfcis-discF-Link Client Information Service Discovery
4756tcpRDCenterReticle Decision Center
4785udpcncpCisco Nexus Control Protocol
5784udpibarCisco Interbox Application Redundancy
5786udpcisco-reduredundancy notification
5787udpwaasclusterCisco WAAS Cluster Protocol
6163tcppscribePrecision Scribe Cnx Port
6163udppscribePrecision Scribe Cnx Port
6633udpcisco-vpath-tunCisco vPath Services Overlay
7546tcpcfsCisco Fabric service
7546udpcfsCisco Fabric service
8470tcpcisco-avpCisco Address Validation Protocol
9081udpcisco-aqosRequired for Adaptive Quality of Service
15555tcpcisco-snatCisco Stateful NAT
15555udpcisco-snatCisco Stateful NAT
22305tcpcisCompactIS Tunnel
22305udpcisCompactIS Tunnel
22343tcpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
22343udpcis-secureCompactIS Secure Tunnel
43440udpew-disc-cmdCisco EnergyWise Discovery and Command Flooding
43440tcpew-mgmtCisco EnergyWise Management
43441tcpciscocsdbCisco NetMgmt DB Ports
43441udpciscocsdbCisco NetMgmt DB Ports
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