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I searched my database for all services matching "connect-and-control-protocol-for-consumer-commercial-and-industrial-electronic-devices" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
693tcpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
693udpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
1189tcpunetUnet Connection
1189udpunetUnet Connection
1308tcpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1308udpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1448tcpoc-lmOpenConnect License Manager
1448udpoc-lmOpenConnect License Manager
2103tcpzephyr-cltZephyr serv-hm connection
2103udpzephyr-cltZephyr serv-hm connection
2190tcptivoconnectTiVoConnect Beacon
2190udptivoconnectTiVoConnect Beacon
2225tcprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2225sctprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2325tcpansysliANSYS Licensing Interconnect
2325udpansysliANSYS Licensing Interconnect
2346tcpredstorm_joinGame Connection Port
2346udpredstorm_joinGame Connection Port
2607tcpconnectionDell Connection
2607udpconnectionDell Connection
3255tcpsemaphoreSemaphore Connection Port
3255udpsemaphoreSemaphore Connection Port
3441tcpconnect-clientOC Connect Client
3441udpconnect-clientOC Connect Client
3442tcpconnect-serverOC Connect Server
3442udpconnect-serverOC Connect Server
3609tcpcpdi-pidas-cmCPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
3609udpcpdi-pidas-cmCPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
3890tcpndsconnectNiche Data Server Connect
3890udpndsconnectNiche Data Server Connect
3953tcpxmlink-connectEydeas XMLink Connect
3953udpxmlink-connectEydeas XMLink Connect
3973tcpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
3973udpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
4052tcpinteractVoiceConnect Interact
4052udpinteractVoiceConnect Interact
4117tcphillrservHillr Connection Manager
4117udphillrservHillr Connection Manager
4146tcptgcconnectTGCConnect Beacon
4146udptgcconnectTGCConnect Beacon
4340tcpgaiaGaia Connector Protocol
4340udpgaiaGaia Connector Protocol
4488tcpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
4488udpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
5166tcpwinpcsWinPCS Service Connection
5166udpwinpcsWinPCS Service Connection
5167tcpscte104SCTE104 Connection
5167udpscte104SCTE104 Connection
5168tcpscte30SCTE30 Connection
5168udpscte30SCTE30 Connection
5222tcpxmpp-clientXMPP Client Connection
5269tcpxmpp-serverXMPP Server Connection
5506tcpamcAmcom Mobile Connect
5506udpamcAmcom Mobile Connect
5566tcpwestec-connectWestec Connect
5678tcprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5678udprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5679tcpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
5679udpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
6321tcpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6321udpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6322tcpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6322udpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6632tcpmxodbc-connecteGenix mxODBC Connect
7163tcpcacsambrokerCA Connection Broker
7163udpcacsambrokerCA Connection Broker
7687tcpboltBolt database connection
7797tcppnet-connPropel Connector port
7797udppnet-connPropel Connector port
8003tcpmcreportMulberry Connect Reporting Service
8003udpmcreportMulberry Connect Reporting Service
8184tcpitachRemote iTach Connection
8184udpitachRemote iTach Connection
8766tcpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
8766udpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
9200tcpwap-wspWAP connectionless session service
9200udpwap-wspWAP connectionless session service
9202tcpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
9202udpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
16001tcpfmsasconAdministration Server Connector
16384tcpconnectedConnected Corp
16384udpconnectedConnected Corp
19220tcpcoraClient Connection Management and Data Exchange Service
19220udpcora-discDiscovery for Client Connection Management and Data Exchange Service
21847tcpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
21847udpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
46998tcpspremotetabletConnection between a desktop computer or server and a signature tablet to capture handwritten signatures
47100udpjvl-mactalkConfiguration of motors connected to Industrial Ethernet
48004tcpnimbusdbNimbusDB Connector
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