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Port Number List Of Services Matching CONNECT

I searched my database for all services matching "connect" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
693tcpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
693udpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
1189tcpunetUnet Connection
1189udpunetUnet Connection
1308tcpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1308udpodsiOptical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
1448tcpoc-lmOpenConnect License Manager
1448udpoc-lmOpenConnect License Manager
2103tcpzephyr-cltZephyr serv-hm connection
2103udpzephyr-cltZephyr serv-hm connection
2190tcptivoconnectTiVoConnect Beacon
2190udptivoconnectTiVoConnect Beacon
2225tcprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2225sctprcip-ituResource Connection Initiation Protocol
2325tcpansysliANSYS Licensing Interconnect
2325udpansysliANSYS Licensing Interconnect
2346tcpredstorm_joinGame Connection Port
2346udpredstorm_joinGame Connection Port
2607tcpconnectionDell Connection
2607udpconnectionDell Connection
3255tcpsemaphoreSemaphore Connection Port
3255udpsemaphoreSemaphore Connection Port
3441tcpconnect-clientOC Connect Client
3441udpconnect-clientOC Connect Client
3442tcpconnect-serverOC Connect Server
3442udpconnect-serverOC Connect Server
3609tcpcpdi-pidas-cmCPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
3609udpcpdi-pidas-cmCPDI PIDAS Connection Mon
3890tcpndsconnectNiche Data Server Connect
3890udpndsconnectNiche Data Server Connect
3953tcpxmlink-connectEydeas XMLink Connect
3953udpxmlink-connectEydeas XMLink Connect
3973tcpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
3973udpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
4052tcpinteractVoiceConnect Interact
4052udpinteractVoiceConnect Interact
4117tcphillrservHillr Connection Manager
4117udphillrservHillr Connection Manager
4146tcptgcconnectTGCConnect Beacon
4146udptgcconnectTGCConnect Beacon
4340tcpgaiaGaia Connector Protocol
4340udpgaiaGaia Connector Protocol
4488tcpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
4488udpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
4840tcpopcua-tcpOPC UA Connection Protocol
5166tcpwinpcsWinPCS Service Connection
5166udpwinpcsWinPCS Service Connection
5167tcpscte104SCTE104 Connection
5167udpscte104SCTE104 Connection
5168tcpscte30SCTE30 Connection
5168udpscte30SCTE30 Connection
5222tcpxmpp-clientXMPP Client Connection
5269tcpxmpp-serverXMPP Server Connection
5506tcpamcAmcom Mobile Connect
5506udpamcAmcom Mobile Connect
5566tcpwestec-connectWestec Connect
5678tcprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5678udprracRemote Replication Agent Connection
5679tcpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
5679udpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
6321tcpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6321udpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6322tcpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6322udpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6632tcpmxodbc-connecteGenix mxODBC Connect
7163tcpcacsambrokerCA Connection Broker
7163udpcacsambrokerCA Connection Broker
7687tcpboltBolt database connection
7797tcppnet-connPropel Connector port
7797udppnet-connPropel Connector port
8003tcpmcreportMulberry Connect Reporting Service
8003udpmcreportMulberry Connect Reporting Service
8004tcpp2pevolvenetOpensource Evolv Enterprise Platform P2P Network Node Connection Protocol
8184tcpitachRemote iTach Connection
8184udpitachRemote iTach Connection
8766tcpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
8766udpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
9200tcpwap-wspWAP connectionless session service
9200udpwap-wspWAP connectionless session service
9202tcpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
9202udpwap-wsp-sWAP secure connectionless session service
16001tcpfmsasconAdministration Server Connector
16384tcpconnectedConnected Corp
16384udpconnectedConnected Corp
19220tcpcoraClient Connection Management and Data Exchange Service
19220udpcora-discDiscovery for Client Connection Management and Data Exchange Service
21847tcpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
21847udpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
46998tcpspremotetabletConnection between a desktop computer or server and a signature tablet to capture handwritten signatures
47100udpjvl-mactalkConfiguration of motors connected to Industrial Ethernet
48004tcpnimbusdbNimbusDB Connector
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