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Port Number List Of Services Matching DC

I searched my database for all services matching "dc" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
93tcpdcpDevice Control Protocol
93udpdcpDevice Control Protocol
135tcpepmapDCE endpoint resolution
135udpepmapDCE endpoint resolution
223tcpcdcCertificate Distribution Center
223udpcdcCertificate Distribution Center
533tcpnetwallfor emergency broadcasts
533udpnetwallfor emergency broadcasts
685tcpmdc-portmapperMDC Port Mapper
685udpmdc-portmapperMDC Port Mapper
953tcprndcBIND9 remote name daemon controller
1044tcpdcutilityDev Consortium Utility
1044udpdcutilityDev Consortium Utility
1217tcphpss-ndapiHPSS NonDCE Gateway
1217udphpss-ndapiHPSS NonDCE Gateway
1636tcpisdcISP shared public data control
1636udpisdcISP shared public data control
1919tcpcan-dchIBM Tivoli Directory Service - DCH
1919udpcan-dchIBM Tivoli Directory Service - DCH
2210tcpnoaaportNOAAPORT Broadcast Network
2210udpnoaaportNOAAPORT Broadcast Network
2310tcpsdclientSD Client
2310udpsdclientSD Client
2578tcprvs-isdn-dcpRVS ISDN DCP
2578udprvs-isdn-dcpRVS ISDN DCP
2921tcpcesdcdmanCESD Contents Delivery Management
2921udpcesdcdmanCESD Contents Delivery Management
2922tcpcesdcdtrnCESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
2922udpcesdcdtrnCESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
3043tcpbrpBroadcast Routing Protocol
3043udpbrpBroadcast Routing Protocol
3068tcpls3bcastls3 Broadcast
3068udpls3bcastls3 Broadcast
3142tcprdc-wh-eosRDC WH EOS
3142udprdc-wh-eosRDC WH EOS
3178tcpradclientportRadiance UltraEdge Port
3178udpradclientportRadiance UltraEdge Port
3188tcpbrcm-comm-portBroadcom Port
3188udpbrcm-comm-portBroadcom Port
3414tcpwip-portBroadCloud WIP Port
3414udpwip-portBroadCloud WIP Port
3432tcposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3432udposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3436tcpgc-configGuardControl Exchange Protocol
3436udpgc-configGuardControl Exchange Protocol
3608tcptrendchip-dcpTrendchip control protocol
3608udptrendchip-dcpTrendchip control protocol
3793tcpdcsoftwareDataCore Software
3793udpdcsoftwareDataCore Software
3814tcpneto-dcsnetO DCS
3814udpneto-dcsnetO DCS
3836tcpmarkem-dcpMARKEM NEXTGEN DCP
3836udpmarkem-dcpMARKEM NEXTGEN DCP
3988tcpdcs-configDCS Configuration Port
3988udpdcs-configDCS Configuration Port
4068tcpipfltbcstIP Fleet Broadcast
4068udpipfltbcstIP Fleet Broadcast
4076tcpseraphSeraph DCS
4076udpseraphSeraph DCS
4325tcpgeognosismanCadcorp GeognoSIS Manager Service
4325udpgeognosismanCadcorp GeognoSIS Manager Service
4326tcpgeognosisCadcorp GeognoSIS Service
4326udpgeognosisCadcorp GeognoSIS Service
4556dtn-bundleDTN Bundle DCCP CL Protocol
4756tcpRDCenterReticle Decision Center
4845tcpwcr-remlibWordCruncher Remote Library Service
4845udpwcr-remlibWordCruncher Remote Library Service
5047udpiscapeiSCAPE Data Broadcasting
5679tcpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
5679udpdccmDirect Cable Connect Manager
6083udpmiami-bcasttelecomsoftware miami broadcast
6511udpdccp-udpDatagram Congestion Control Protocol Encapsulation for NAT Traversal
7278tcpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7278udpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7508tcpadcpAutomation Device Configuration Protocol
8808udpssports-bcastSTATSports Broadcast Service
8889udpddi-udp-2NewsEDGE server broadcast
8890udpddi-udp-3NewsEDGE client broadcast
9214tcpipdcesgbsIPDC ESG BootstrapService
9214udpipdcesgbsIPDC ESG BootstrapService
9387tcpd2dconfigD2D Configuration Service
9668tcptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
9668udptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
10081tcpfamdcFAM Archive Server
10081udpfamdcFAM Archive Server
11202tcpdcsl-backupDCSL Network Backup Services
11623tcpemc-xsw-dconfigEMC XtremSW distributed config
11723tcpemc-xsw-dcacheEMC XtremSW distributed cache
11723udpemc-xsw-dcacheEMC XtremSW distributed cache
22125tcpdcapdCache Access Protocol
22128tcpgsidcapGSI dCache Access Protocol
31948tcpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31948udpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31949tcpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
31949udpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
33331tcpdiamondportDiamondCentral Interface
33331udpdiamondportDiamondCentral Interface
45514tcpcloudcheckASSIA CloudCheck WiFi Management System
45514udpcloudcheck-pingASSIA CloudCheck WiFi Management keepalive
48049tcp3gpp-cbsp3GPP Cell Broadcast Service Protocol
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