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Port Number List Of Services Matching DEVICE

I searched my database for all services matching "device" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
83tcpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
83udpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
85tcpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
85udpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
93tcpdcpDevice Control Protocol
93udpdcpDevice Control Protocol
747tcpfujitsu-devFujitsu Device Control
747udpfujitsu-devFujitsu Device Control
2217tcpgotodeviceGoToDevice Device Management
2217udpgotodeviceGoToDevice Device Management
2277tcpbluectrlproxyBt device control proxy
2277udpbluectrlproxyBt device control proxy
2371tcphp-rdaHP Remote Device Access
2640tcpami-controlAlcorn McBride Inc protocol used for device control
2640udpami-controlAlcorn McBride Inc protocol used for device control
3197tcpembrace-dp-sEmbrace Device Protocol Server
3197udpembrace-dp-sEmbrace Device Protocol Server
3198tcpembrace-dp-cEmbrace Device Protocol Client
3198udpembrace-dp-cEmbrace Device Protocol Client
3329tcphp-device-discHP Device Disc
3329udphp-device-discHP Device Disc
3432tcposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3432udposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3483tcpslim-devicesSlim Devices Protocol
3483udpslim-devicesSlim Devices Protocol
3613tcpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3613udpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3776tcpdvcprov-portDevice Provisioning Port
3776udpdvcprov-portDevice Provisioning Port
3948tcpapdapAnton Paar Device Administration Protocol
3948udpapdapAnton Paar Device Administration Protocol
4154tcpatlinksatlinks device discovery
4154udpatlinksatlinks device discovery
4173udpmma-discoveryMMA Device Discovery
4331tcpktickets-restktickets REST API for event management and ticketing systems (embedded POS devices)
4350tcpnet-deviceNet Device
4350udpnet-deviceNet Device
4675tcpdhct-statusBIAP Device Status
4675udpdhct-statusBIAP Device Status
5197tcptunstall-lwpTunstall Lone worker device interface
5209tcpnomadNomad Device Video Transfer
5253tcpkpdpKohler Power Device Protocol
5317tcphpdevmsHP Device Monitor Service
5357tcpwsdapiWeb Services for Devices
5357udpwsdapiWeb Services for Devices
5358tcpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
5358udpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
6324tcphrd-ncsHR Device Network Configuration Service
6324udphrd-ns-discHR Device Network service
7031tcpiposplanetIPOSPLANET retailing multi devices protocol
7072tcpiba-cfgiba Device Configuration Protocol
7072udpiba-cfg-disciba Device Configuration Protocol
7508tcpadcpAutomation Device Configuration Protocol
7871tcpmdmMobile Device Management
8980tcpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
8980udpnod-providerNetwork of Devices Provider
8981udpnod-clientNetwork of Devices Client
9060udpCardWeb-RTCardWeb realtime device data
9131tcpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
9131udpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
9668tcptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
9668udptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
10809tcpnbdLinux Network Block Device
11095tcpweaveNest device-to-device and device-to-service application protocol
11095udpweaveNest device-to-device and device-to-service application protocol
19007tcpscintillaScintilla protocol for device services
19007udpscintillaScintilla protocol for device services
20012udpss-idi-discSamsung Interdevice Interaction discovery
20013tcpss-idiSamsung Interdevice Interaction
24322udphidTransport of Human Interface Device data streams
24850udpassoc-discDevice Association Discovery
24922tcpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
24922udpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
31948tcpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31948udpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31949tcpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
31949udpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
35003tcprt-devicemapperReadyTech DeviceMapper Server
45000udpasmp-monNuance AutoStore Status Monitoring Protocol (device monitoring)
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