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Port Number List Of Services Matching DEVICE

I searched my database for all services matching "device" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
83tcpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
83udpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
85tcpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
85udpmit-ml-devMIT ML Device
93tcpdcpDevice Control Protocol
93udpdcpDevice Control Protocol
747tcpfujitsu-devFujitsu Device Control
747udpfujitsu-devFujitsu Device Control
2217tcpgotodeviceGoToDevice Device Management
2217udpgotodeviceGoToDevice Device Management
2277tcpbluectrlproxyBt device control proxy
2277udpbluectrlproxyBt device control proxy
3197tcpembrace-dp-sEmbrace Device Protocol Server
3197udpembrace-dp-sEmbrace Device Protocol Server
3198tcpembrace-dp-cEmbrace Device Protocol Client
3198udpembrace-dp-cEmbrace Device Protocol Client
3329tcphp-device-discHP Device Disc
3329udphp-device-discHP Device Disc
3432tcposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3432udposdcpSecure Device Protocol
3483tcpslim-devicesSlim Devices Protocol
3483udpslim-devicesSlim Devices Protocol
3613tcpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3613udpalaris-discAlaris Device Discovery
3776tcpdvcprov-portDevice Provisioning Port
3776udpdvcprov-portDevice Provisioning Port
3947tcpccpConnect and Control Protocol for Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Electronic Devices
3947udpccpConnect and Control Protocol for Consumer, Commercial, and Industrial Electronic Devices
3948tcpapdapAnton Paar Device Administration Protocol
3948udpapdapAnton Paar Device Administration Protocol
4154tcpatlinksatlinks device discovery
4154udpatlinksatlinks device discovery
4350tcpnet-deviceNet Device
4350udpnet-deviceNet Device
4675tcpdhct-statusBIAP Device Status
4675udpdhct-statusBIAP Device Status
5253tcpkpdpKohler Power Device Protocol
5317tcphpdevmsHP Device Monitor Service
5357tcpwsdapiWeb Services for Devices
5357udpwsdapiWeb Services for Devices
5358tcpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
5358udpwsdapi-sWS for Devices Secured
7508tcpadcpAutomation Device Configuration Protocol
7871tcpmdmMobile Device Management
9131tcpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
9131udpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
9668tcptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
9668udptec5-sdctptec5 Spectral Device Control Protocol
10809tcpnbdLinux Network Block Device
20012udpss-idi-discSamsung Interdevice Interaction discovery
20013tcpss-idiSamsung Interdevice Interaction
24922tcpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
24922udpfindFind Identification of Network Devices
31948tcpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31948udpiceedcp_txEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol TX
31949tcpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
31949udpiceedcp_rxEmbedded Device Configuration Protocol RX
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