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Port Number List Of Services Matching DNS-LONG-LIVED-QUERIES

I searched my database for all services matching "dns-long-lived-queries" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
90tcpdnsixDNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
90udpdnsixDNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
195tcpdn6-nlm-audDNSIX Network Level Module Audit
195udpdn6-nlm-audDNSIX Network Level Module Audit
196tcpdn6-smm-redDNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
196udpdn6-smm-redDNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
853tcpdomain-sDNS query-response protocol run over TLS/DTLS
853udpdomain-sDNS query-response protocol run over TLS/DTLS
1052tcpddtDynamic DNS Tools
1052udpddtDynamic DNS Tools
1337tcpmenandmice-dnsmenandmice DNS
1337udpmenandmice-dnsmenandmice DNS
1870tcpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
1870udpsunscalar-dnsSunSCALAR DNS Service
2164tcpddns-v3Dynamic DNS Version 3
2164udpddns-v3Dynamic DNS Version 3
3849tcpspw-dnspreloadSPACEWAY DNS Preload
3849udpspw-dnspreloadSPACEWAY DNS Prelaod
5352tcpdns-llqDNS Long-Lived Queries
5352udpdns-llqDNS Long-Lived Queries
5353tcpmdnsMulticast DNS
5353udpmdnsMulticast DNS
5354tcpmdnsresponderMulticast DNS Responder IPC
5354udpmdnsresponderMulticast DNS Responder IPC
8953tcpub-dns-controlunbound dns nameserver control
9966tcpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
9966udpodnspOKI Data Network Setting Protocol
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