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Port Number List Of Services Matching DYNA-LICENSE-MANAGER-ELAM

I searched my database for all services matching "dyna-license-manager-elam" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
1052tcpddtDynamic DNS Tools
1052udpddtDynamic DNS Tools
2111tcpdsatpOPNET Dynamic Sampling Agent Transaction Protocol
2111udpdsatpOPNET Dynamic Sampling Agent Transaction Protocol
2164tcpddns-v3Dynamic DNS Version 3
2164udpddns-v3Dynamic DNS Version 3
3295tcpdyniplookupDynamic IP Lookup
3295udpdyniplookupDynamic IP Lookup
3310tcpdyna-accessDyna Access
3310udpdyna-accessDyna Access
3395tcpdyna-lmDyna License Manager (Elam)
3395udpdyna-lmDyna License Manager (Elam)
3623tcphaipe-discoverHAIPIS Dynamic Discovery
3623udphaipe-discoverHAIPIS Dynamic Discovery
3799tcpradius-dynauthRADIUS Dynamic Authorization
3799udpradius-dynauthRADIUS Dynamic Authorization
3932tcpdyn-siteDynamic Site System
3932udpdyn-siteDynamic Site System
3949tcpdripDynamic Routing Information Protocol
3949udpdripDynamic Routing Information Protocol
5472tcpapsolab-tagThe Apsolab company's dynamic tag protocol
5473tcpapsolab-tagsThe Apsolab company's secure dynamic tag protocol
6201udpthermo-calcManagement of service nodes in a processing grid for thermodynamic calculations
6241udpjeol-nsddp-1JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 1
6242udpjeol-nsddp-2JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 2
6243udpjeol-nsddp-3JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 3
6244udpjeol-nsddp-4JEOL Network Services Dynamic Discovery Protocol 4
7278tcpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7278udpoma-dcdocbsOMA Dynamic Content Delivery over CBS
7707tcpsync-em7EM7 Dynamic Updates
7707udpsync-em7EM7 Dynamic Updates
8019tcpqbdbQB DB Dynamic Port
8019udpqbdbQB DB Dynamic Port
9002tcpdynamidDynamID authentication
9002udpdynamidDynamID authentication
9131tcpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
9131udpdddpDynamic Device Discovery
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