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Port Number List Of Services Matching EBA

I searched my database for all services matching "eba" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
311tcpasip-webadminAppleShare IP WebAdmin
311udpasip-webadminAppleShare IP WebAdmin
1110tcpwebadmstartStart web admin server
1188tcphp-webadminHP Web Admin
1188udphp-webadminHP Web Admin
1216tcpetebac5ETEBAC 5
1216udpetebac5ETEBAC 5
1278tcpdellwebadmin-1Dell Web Admin 1
1278udpdellwebadmin-1Dell Web Admin 1
1279tcpdellwebadmin-2Dell Web Admin 2
1279udpdellwebadmin-2Dell Web Admin 2
2408tcprailgun-webacclCloudFlare Railgun Web Acceleration Protocol
2874tcpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2874udpdxmessagebase1DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875tcpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
2875udpdxmessagebase2DX Message Base Transport Protocol
3655tcpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3655udpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3656tcpabatjssActiveBatch Job Scheduler
3656udpabatjssActiveBatch Job Scheduler
6122tcpbex-webadminBackup Express Web Server
6122udpbex-webadminBackup Express Web Server
8800tcpsunwebadminSun Web Server Admin Service
8800udpsunwebadminSun Web Server Admin Service
8989tcpsunwebadminsSun Web Server SSL Admin Service
8989udpsunwebadminsSun Web Server SSL Admin Service
44323tcppmwebapiHTTP binding for Performance Co-Pilot client API
45678tcpebaEBA PRISE
45678udpebaEBA PRISE
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