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Port Number List Of Services Matching EMS

I searched my database for all services matching "ems" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
166tcps-netSirius Systems
166udps-netSirius Systems
246tcpdsp3270Display Systems Protocol
246udpdsp3270Display Systems Protocol
642tcpesro-emsdpESRO-EMSDP V1.3
642udpesro-emsdpESRO-EMSDP V1.3
1232tcpfirst-defenseRemote systems monitoring
1232udpfirst-defenseRemote systems monitoring
1374tcpmollyEPI Software Systems
1374udpmollyEPI Software Systems
1452tcpgtegsc-lmGTE Government Systems License Man
1452udpgtegsc-lmGTE Government Systems License Man
1785tcpwindlmWind River Systems License Manager
1785udpwindlmWind River Systems License Manager
1928tcpemsd-portExpnd Maui Srvr Dscovr
1928udpemsd-portExpnd Maui Srvr Dscovr
2049tcpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049udpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2314tcpcr-websystemsCR WebSystems
2314udpcr-websystemsCR WebSystems
2776tcpridgeway1Ridgeway Systems & Software
2776udpridgeway1Ridgeway Systems & Software
2777tcpridgeway2Ridgeway Systems & Software
2777udpridgeway2Ridgeway Systems & Software
3743tcpipcs-commandIP Control Systems Ltd.
3743udpipcs-commandIP Control Systems Ltd.
3827tcpnetmpiNetadmin Systems MPI service
3827udpnetmpiNetadmin Systems MPI service
3828tcpnetehNetadmin Systems Event Handler
3828udpnetehNetadmin Systems Event Handler
3829tcpneteh-extNetadmin Systems Event Handler External
3829udpneteh-extNetadmin Systems Event Handler External
4118tcpnetscriptNetadmin Systems NETscript service
4118udpnetscriptNetadmin Systems NETscript service
4331tcpktickets-restktickets REST API for event management and ticketing systems (embedded POS devices)
4413tcpavi-nmsAVI Systems NMS
4413udpavi-nms-discAVI Systems NMS
4664tcpemsRimage Messaging Server
4664udpemsRimage Messaging Server
5316tcphpblademsHPBladeSystem Monitor Service
5863tcpppsuitemsgPlanetPress Suite Messeng
5863udpppsuitemsgPlanetPress Suite Messeng
6146tcplonewolf-lmLone Wolf Systems License Manager
6146udplonewolf-lmLone Wolf Systems License Manager
6344tcpstreletzArgus-Spectr security and fire-prevention systems service
7727tcptrident-dataTrident Systems Data
7727udptrident-dataTrident Systems Data
9445tcpmindarray-caMindArray Systems Console Agent
9888tcpcyborg-systemsCYBORG Systems
9888udpcyborg-systemsCYBORG Systems
9979tcpvisweatherValley Information Systems Weather station data
11623tcpemc-xsw-dconfigEMC XtremSW distributed config
11723tcpemc-xsw-dcacheEMC XtremSW distributed cache
11723udpemc-xsw-dcacheEMC XtremSW distributed cache
13929tcpdta-systemsD-TA SYSTEMS
13929udpdta-systemsD-TA SYSTEMS
18668tcpvdmmeshManufacturing Execution Systems Mesh Communication
18668udpvdmmesh-discManufacturing Execution Systems Mesh Communication
20480tcpemwavemsgemWave Message Service
20480udpemwavemsgemWave Message Service
48128tcpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
48128udpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
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