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Port Number List Of Services Matching END-BY-HOP-TRANSMISSION-PROTOCOL

I searched my database for all services matching "end-by-hop-transmission-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
18tcpmspMessage Send Protocol (historic)
18udpmspMessage Send Protocol (historic)
46tcpmpm-sndMPM [default send]
46udpmpm-sndMPM [default send]
135tcpepmapDCE endpoint resolution
135udpepmapDCE endpoint resolution
271tcppt-tlsIETF Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Posture Transport Protocol over TLS (PT-TLS)
362tcpsrssendSRS Send
362udpsrssendSRS Send
465tcpurdURL Rendezvous Directory for SSM
492tcpticf-1Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
492udpticf-1Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
493tcpticf-2Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
493udpticf-2Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
520tcpefsextended file name server
608tcpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
608udpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
693tcpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
693udpconnendpalmanid Connection Endpoint
730tcpnetviewdm2IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
730udpnetviewdm2IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
748tcpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
748udpris-cmRussell Info Sci Calendar Manager
902udpideafarm-doorself documenting Door: send 0x00 for info
903udpideafarm-panicself documenting Panic Door: send 0x00 for info
913tcpapex-edgeAPEX endpoint-relay service
913udpapex-edgeAPEX endpoint-relay service
1026tcpcapCalendar Access Protocol
1026udpcapCalendar Access Protocol
1295tcpehtpEnd-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
1295udpehtpEnd-by-Hop Transmission Protocol
2132tcpsolera-epmapSoleraTec End Point Map
2132udpsolera-epmapSoleraTec End Point Map
2180tcpmc-gt-srvMillicent Vendor Gateway Server
2180udpmc-gt-srvMillicent Vendor Gateway Server
2208tcphpiodHP I/O Backend
2208udphpiodHP I/O Backend
2220tcpnetiqNetIQ End2End
2220udpnetiqNetIQ End2End
3044tcpeppEndPoint Protocol
3044udpeppEndPoint Protocol
3095tcppanasasPanasas rendezvous port
3095udppanasasPanasas rendezvous port
3121tcppcmk-remoteThe pacemaker remote (pcmk-remote) service extends high availability functionality outside of the Linux cluster into remote nodes.
3139tcpincognitorvIncognito Rendez-Vous
3139udpincognitorvIncognito Rendez-Vous
3182tcpbmcpatrolrnvuBMC Patrol Rendezvous
3182udpbmcpatrolrnvuBMC Patrol Rendezvous
3530tcpgfGrid Friendly
3530udpgfGrid Friendly
3552tcptaserverTeamAgenda Server Port
3552udptaserverTeamAgenda Server Port
3608tcptrendchip-dcpTrendchip control protocol
3608udptrendchip-dcpTrendchip control protocol
3715tcpanoto-rendezvAnoto Rendezvous Port
3715udpanoto-rendezvAnoto Rendezvous Port
4605tcpsixchatDirect End to End Secure Chat Protocol
4990tcpbusycalBusySync Calendar Synch. Protocol
4990udpbusycalBusySync Calendar Synch. Protocol
5150tcpatmpAscend Tunnel Management Protocol
5150udpatmpAscend Tunnel Management Protocol
5172tcppcoip-mgmtPC over IP Endpoint Management
5586tcpatt-mt-smsPlanning to send mobile terminated SMS to the specific port so that the SMS is not visible to the client
5730tcpuniengSteltor's calendar access
5730udpuniengSteltor's calendar access
5913tcpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
5913udpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
5913sctpads-cAutomatic Dependent Surveillance
6456tcpskip-cert-sendSKIP Certificate Send
6456udpskip-cert-sendSKIP Certificate Send
7172tcpmetalbendPort used for MetalBend programmable interface
7283tcpgenstatGeneral Statistics Rendezvous Protocol
7392tcpmrssrendezvousmrss-rendezvous server
7392udpmrssrendezvousmrss-rendezvous server
7676tcpimqbrokerdiMQ Broker Rendezvous
7676udpimqbrokerdiMQ Broker Rendezvous
8060udpaeroAsymmetric Extended Route Optimization (AERO)
8086tcpd-s-nDistributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port
8086udpd-s-nDistributed SCADA Networking Rendezvous Port
10113tcpnetiq-endpointNetIQ Endpoint
10113udpnetiq-endpointNetIQ Endpoint
10115tcpnetiq-endptNetIQ Endpoint
10115udpnetiq-endptNetIQ Endpoint
12000tcpentextxidIBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
12000udpentextxidIBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
12001tcpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
12001udpentextnetwkIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
12002tcpentexthighIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
12002udpentexthighIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
12003tcpentextmedIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
12003udpentextmedIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
12004tcpentextlowIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
12004udpentextlowIBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
20014tcpopendeployOpenDeploy Listener
20014udpopendeployOpenDeploy Listener
33060tcpmysqlxMySQL Database Extended Interface
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