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Port Number List Of Services Matching ETS

I searched my database for all services matching "ets" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
395tcpnetcpNetScout Control Protocol
395udpnetcpNetScout Control Protocol
448tcpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
448udpddm-sslDDM-Remote DB Access Using Secure Sockets
992tcptelnetstelnet protocol over TLS/SSL
992udptelnetstelnet protocol over TLS/SSL
2810tcpnetstewardActive Net Steward
2810udpnetstewardActive Net Steward
3137tcprtnt-1rtnt-1 data packets
3137udprtnt-1rtnt-1 data packets
3138tcprtnt-2rtnt-2 data packets
3138udprtnt-2rtnt-2 data packets
3218tcpsmartpacketsEMC SmartPackets
3218udpsmartpacketsEMC SmartPackets
3682tcpcas-mapiEMC SmartPackets-MAPI
3682udpcas-mapiEMC SmartPackets-MAPI
4118tcpnetscriptNetadmin Systems NETscript service
4118udpnetscriptNetadmin Systems NETscript service
4331tcpktickets-restktickets REST API for event management and ticketing systems (embedded POS devices)
4341tcplisp-dataLISP Data Packets
4341udplisp-dataLISP Data Packets
4342udplisp-controlLISP Control Packets
4670tcplightLight packets transfer protocol
4670udplightLight packets transfer protocol
4691tcpmtnmonotone Netsync Protocol
4691udpmtnmonotone Netsync Protocol
5081tcpsdl-etsSDL - Ent Trans Server
5081udpsdl-etsSDL - Ent Trans Server
5421tcpnetsupport2Net Support 2
5421udpnetsupport2Net Support 2
6635udpmpls-udpEncapsulate MPLS packets in UDP tunnels.
6636udpmpls-udp-dtlsEncapsulate MPLS packets in UDP tunnels with DTLS.
6901tcpjetstreamNovell Jetstream messaging protocol
8052tcpsenomix01Senomix Timesheets Server
8052udpsenomix01Senomix Timesheets Server
8053tcpsenomix02Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8053udpsenomix02Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8054tcpsenomix03Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8054udpsenomix03Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8055tcpsenomix04Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8055udpsenomix04Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8056tcpsenomix05Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8056udpsenomix05Senomix Timesheets Server [1 year assignment]
8057tcpsenomix06Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8057udpsenomix06Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8058tcpsenomix07Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8058udpsenomix07Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8059tcpsenomix08Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
8059udpsenomix08Senomix Timesheets Client [1 year assignment]
12109tcprets-sslRETS over SSL
12109udprets-sslRETS over SSL
16360tcpnetserialext1Network Serial Extension Ports One
16360udpnetserialext1Network Serial Extension Ports One
16361tcpnetserialext2Network Serial Extension Ports Two
16361udpnetserialext2Network Serial Extension Ports Two
16367tcpnetserialext3Network Serial Extension Ports Three
16367udpnetserialext3Network Serial Extension Ports Three
16368tcpnetserialext4Network Serial Extension Ports Four
16368udpnetserialext4Network Serial Extension Ports Four
16385tcprdgsReliable Datagram Sockets
17754tcpzepEncap. ZigBee Packets
17754udpzepEncap. ZigBee Packets
21846tcpnetspeak-isNetSpeak Corp. Directory Services
21846udpnetspeak-isNetSpeak Corp. Directory Services
21847tcpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
21847udpnetspeak-csNetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
21848tcpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
21848udpnetspeak-acdNetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
21849tcpnetspeak-cpsNetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System
21849udpnetspeak-cpsNetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System
48128tcpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
48128udpisnetservImage Systems Network Services
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