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I searched my database for all services matching "event-sourcing-database-engine-with-a-built-in-programming-language" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
319tcpptp-eventPTP Event
319udpptp-eventPTP Event
1798tcpetpEvent Transfer Protocol
1798udpetpEvent Transfer Protocol
2069tcpevent-portHTTP Event Port
2069udpevent-portHTTP Event Port
2087tcpeliELI - Event Logging Integration
2087udpeliELI - Event Logging Integration
2146tcplv-notLive Vault Admin Event Notification
2146udplv-notLive Vault Admin Event Notification
2479tcpssm-elsSecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)
2479udpssm-elsSecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)
2868tcpnpep-messagingNorman Proprietaqry Events Protocol
2868udpnpep-messagingNorman Proprietaqry Events Protocol
3017tcpevent_listenerEvent Listener
3017udpevent_listenerEvent Listener
3031tcpeppcRemote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
3031udpeppcRemote AppleEvents/PPC Toolbox
3409tcpnetworklensNetworkLens Event Port
3409udpnetworklensNetworkLens Event Port
3410tcpnetworklenssNetworkLens SSL Event
3410udpnetworklenssNetworkLens SSL Event
3706tcprt-eventReal-Time Event Port
3706udprt-eventReal-Time Event Port
3707tcprt-event-sReal-Time Event Secure Port
3707udprt-event-sReal-Time Event Secure Port
3828tcpnetehNetadmin Systems Event Handler
3828udpnetehNetadmin Systems Event Handler
3829tcpneteh-extNetadmin Systems Event Handler External
3829udpneteh-extNetadmin Systems Event Handler External
4322tcptrim-eventTRIM Event Service
4322udptrim-eventTRIM Event Service
4331tcpktickets-restktickets REST API for event management and ticketing systems (embedded POS devices)
4535tcpehsEvent Heap Server
4535udpehsEvent Heap Server
4536tcpehs-sslEvent Heap Server SSL
4536udpehs-sslEvent Heap Server SSL
4879tcpwsdl-eventWSDL Event Receiver
5044tcplxi-evntsvcLXI Event Service
5044udplxi-evntsvcLXI Event Service
5553tcpsgi-eventmondSGI Eventmond Port
5553udpsgi-eventmondSGI Eventmond Port
5727tcpasgenfASG Event Notification Framework
5781tcp3par-evts3PAR Event Reporting Service
5781udp3par-evts3PAR Event Reporting Service
6344tcpstreletzArgus-Spectr security and fire-prevention systems service
7282tcpmzca-actioneventACTION/ussACTION (MZCA) server
7282udpmzca-alerteventACTION/ussACTION (MZCA) alert
7427tcpoveadmgrOpenView DM Event Agent Manager
7427udpoveadmgrOpenView DM Event Agent Manager
7900tcpmeventMulticast Event
7900udpmeventMulticast Event
8997tcporacle-ms-ensOracle Messaging Server Event Notification Service
9981tcppumpkindbEvent sourcing database engine with a built-in programming language
9991tcposm-oevOSM Event Server
9991udposm-oevOSM Event Server
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