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Port Number List Of Services Matching EXEC

I searched my database for all services matching "exec" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
512tcpexecremote process execution; authentication performed using passwords and UNIX login names
1166tcpqsm-remoteQSM RemoteExec
1166udpqsm-remoteQSM RemoteExec
1405tcpibm-resIBM Remote Execution Starter
1405udpibm-resIBM Remote Execution Starter
2342tcpmanage-execSeagate Manage Exec
2342udpmanage-execSeagate Manage Exec
3245tcpvieo-feVIEO Fabric Executive
3245udpvieo-feVIEO Fabric Executive
3527tcpbeserver-msg-qVERITAS Backup Exec Server
3527udpbeserver-msg-qVERITAS Backup Exec Server
3655tcpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3655udpabatemgrActiveBatch Exec Agent
3998tcpdnxDistributed Nagios Executor Service
3998udpdnxDistributed Nagios Executor Service
4487tcpprex-tcpProtocol for Remote Execution over TCP
5026tcpstrexec-dStorix I/O daemon (data)
5026udpstrexec-dStorix I/O daemon (data)
5027tcpstrexec-sStorix I/O daemon (stat)
5027udpstrexec-sStorix I/O daemon (stat)
5666tcpnrpeNagios Remote Plugin Executor
6445tcpsge_execdGrid Engine Execution Service
6445udpsge_execdGrid Engine Execution Service
8230tcprexecjRexecJ Server
8230udprexecjRexecJ Server
9088tcpsqlexecIBM Informix SQL Interface
9088udpsqlexecIBM Informix SQL Interface
9089tcpsqlexec-sslIBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted
9089udpsqlexec-sslIBM Informix SQL Interface - Encrypted
18668tcpvdmmeshManufacturing Execution Systems Mesh Communication
18668udpvdmmesh-discManufacturing Execution Systems Mesh Communication
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