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Port Number List Of Services Matching FILE-TRANSFER-DEFAULT-DATA

I searched my database for all services matching "file-transfer-default-data" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
20tcpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
20udpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
21tcpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
21udpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
69tcptftpTrivial File Transfer
69udptftpTrivial File Transfer
97tcpswift-rvfSwift Remote Virtural File Protocol
97udpswift-rvfSwift Remote Virtural File Protocol
115tcpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
115udpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
136tcpprofilePROFILE Naming System
136udpprofilePROFILE Naming System
152tcpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
152udpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
189tcpqftQueued File Transport
189udpqftQueued File Transport
447tcpddm-dfmDDM-Distributed File Management
447udpddm-dfmDDM-Distributed File Management
487tcpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
487udpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
520tcpefsextended file name server
564tcp9pfsplan 9 file service
564udp9pfsplan 9 file service
608tcpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
608udpsift-uftSender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
1120tcpbnetfileBattle.net File Transfer Protocol
1120udpbnetfileBattle.net File Transfer Protocol
1150tcpblazeBlaze File Server
1150udpblazeBlaze File Server
1155tcpnfaNetwork File Access
1155udpnfaNetwork File Access
1191tcpgpfsGeneral Parallel File System
1191udpgpfsGeneral Parallel File System
1818tcpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1818udpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1887tcpfilex-lportFileX Listening Port
1887udpfilex-lportFileX Listening Port
2049tcpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049udpnfsNetwork File System - Sun Microsystems
2049sctpnfsNetwork File System
2100tcpamiganetfsAmiga Network Filesystem
2100udpamiganetfsAmiga Network Filesystem
2209tcprimf-psHP RIM for Files Portal Service
2209udprimf-psHP RIM for Files Portal Service
2249tcprfmpRISO File Manager Protocol
2249udprfmpRISO File Manager Protocol
2257tcpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2257udpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2266tcpmfserverM-Files Server
2266udpmfserverM-files Server
3417tcpcsvrConServR file translation
3417udpcsvrConServR file translation
3934tcpsunfm-portPL/B File Manager Port
3934udpsunfm-portPL/B File Manager Port
4049tcpwafsWide Area File Services
4049udpwafsWide Area File Services
4050tcpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4050udpcisco-wafsWide Area File Services
4193tcppvxplusioPxPlus remote file srvr
4304tcpowserverOne-Wire Filesystem Server
4304udpowserverOne-Wire Filesystem Server
4349tcpfsportmapFile System Port Map
4349udpfsportmapFile System Port Map
4672tcprfaremote file access server
4672udprfaremote file access server
4744tcpifspInternet File Synchronization Protocol
4744udpifspInternet File Synchronization Protocol
4747udpbuschtrommelpeer-to-peer file exchange protocol
4749tcpprofilemacProfile for Mac
4749udpprofilemacProfile for Mac
4884tcphivestorHiveStor Distributed File System
4884udphivestorHiveStor Distributed File System
4901tcpflr_agentFileLocator Remote Search Agent
5004avt-profile-1RTP media data
5004tcpavt-profile-1RTP media data
5004udpavt-profile-1RTP media data
5005avt-profile-2RTP control protocol
5005tcpavt-profile-2RTP control protocol
5005udpavt-profile-2RTP control protocol
5009tcpwinfsMicrosoft Windows Filesystem
5009udpwinfsMicrosoft Windows Filesystem
5083tcpqfpQpur File Protocol
5083udpqfpQpur File Protocol
5233tcpenfsEtinnae Network File Service
5670tcpfilemqZeroMQ file publish-subscribe protocol
7000tcpafs3-fileserverfile server itself
7000udpafs3-fileserverfile server itself
7117tcprothagaEncrypted chat and file transfer service
7164tcpfsrFile System Repository Agent
7164udpfsrFile System Repository Agent
7391tcpmindfilesysmind-file system server
7391udpmindfilesysmind-file system server
7394tcpfseFile system export of backup images
7394udpfseFile system export of backup images
7775tcpinetfsA File System using TLS over a wide area network
8148tcpisddi-SDD file transfer
8148udpisddi-SDD file transfer
9102tcpbacula-fdBacula File Daemon
9102udpbacula-fdBacula File Daemon
14000tcpscotty-ftSCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
14000udpscotty-ftSCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
16020tcpjwpcFilemaker Java Web Publishing Core
16021tcpjwpc-binFilemaker Java Web Publishing Core Binary
20049tcpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
20049udpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
20049sctpnfsrdmaNetwork File System (NFS) over RDMA
21554tcpdfserverMineScape Design File Server
21554udpdfserverMineScape Design File Server
22537tcpcaldsoft-backupCaldSoft Backup server file transfer
32767tcpfilenet-powsrmFileNet BPM WS-ReliableMessaging Client
32767udpfilenet-powsrmFileNet BPM WS-ReliableMessaging Client
32768tcpfilenet-tmsFilenet TMS
32768udpfilenet-tmsFilenet TMS
32769tcpfilenet-rpcFilenet RPC
32769udpfilenet-rpcFilenet RPC
32770tcpfilenet-nchFilenet NCH
32770udpfilenet-nchFilenet NCH
32771tcpfilenet-rmiFileNET RMI
32771udpfilenet-rmiFileNet RMI
32772tcpfilenet-paFileNET Process Analyzer
32772udpfilenet-paFileNET Process Analyzer
32773tcpfilenet-cmFileNET Component Manager
32773udpfilenet-cmFileNET Component Manager
32774tcpfilenet-reFileNET Rules Engine
32774udpfilenet-reFileNET Rules Engine
32775tcpfilenet-pchPerformance Clearinghouse
32775udpfilenet-pchPerformance Clearinghouse
32776tcpfilenet-peiorFileNET BPM IOR
32776udpfilenet-peiorFileNET BPM IOR
32777tcpfilenet-obrokFileNet BPM CORBA
32777udpfilenet-obrokFileNet BPM CORBA
37601tcpeftpEpipole File Transfer Protocol
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