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Port Number List Of Services Matching FTP

I searched my database for all services matching "ftp" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
20tcpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
20udpftp-dataFile Transfer [Default Data]
21tcpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
21udpftpFile Transfer Protocol [Control]
69tcptftpTrivial File Transfer
69udptftpTrivial File Transfer
115tcpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
115udpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
152tcpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
152udpbftpBackground File Transfer Program
215tcpsoftpcInsignia Solutions
215udpsoftpcInsignia Solutions
574tcpftp-agentFTP Software Agent System
574udpftp-agentFTP Software Agent System
1818tcpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1818udpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
2529tcputsftpUTS FTP
2529udputsftpUTS FTP
2811tcpgsiftpGSI FTP
2811udpgsiftpGSI FTP
3713tcptftpsTFTP over TLS
3713udptftpsTFTP over TLS
3920tcpexasoftport1Exasoft IP Port
3920udpexasoftport1Exasoft IP Port
4687tcpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
4687udpnstNetwork Scanner Tool FTP
5402tcpmftpOmniCast MFTP
5402udpmftpOmniCast MFTP
6619tcpodette-ftpsODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL
6619udpodette-ftpsODETTE-FTP over TLS/SSL
6620tcpkftp-dataKerberos V5 FTP Data
6620udpkftp-dataKerberos V5 FTP Data
6621tcpkftpKerberos V5 FTP Control
6621udpkftpKerberos V5 FTP Control
6622tcpmcftpMulticast FTP
6622udpmcftpMulticast FTP
37601tcpeftpEpipole File Transfer Protocol
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