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Port Number List Of Services Matching GIST

I searched my database for all services matching "gist" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
270udpgistQ-mode encapsulation for GIST messages
648tcprrpRegistry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
648udprrpRegistry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
1099tcprmiregistryRMI Registry
1099udprmiregistryRMI Registry
1349tcpsbookRegistration Network Protocol
1349udpsbookRegistration Network Protocol
1350tcpeditbenchRegistration Network Protocol
1350udpeditbenchRegistration Network Protocol
1712tcpregistrarresource monitoring service
1712udpregistrarresource monitoring service
2340tcpwrs_registryWRS Registry
2340udpwrs_registryWRS Registry
2410tcpvrts-registryVRTS Registry
2410udpvrts-registryVRTS Registry
2791tcpmtport-registMT Port Registrator
2791udpmtport-registMT Port Registrator
3018tcpsrvc_registryService Registry
3018udpsrvc_registryService Registry
3094tcprapidmq-regJiiva RapidMQ Registry
3094udprapidmq-regJiiva RapidMQ Registry
3154tcpccmrmiON RMI Registry
3154udpccmrmiON RMI Registry
3572tcpmegaregsvrportRegistration Server Port
3572udpmegaregsvrportRegistration Server Port
3651tcpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3651udpxrpc-registryXRPC Registry
3758tcpapw-registryapw RMI registry
3758udpapw-registryapw RMI registry
3973tcpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
3973udpprogisticsConnectShip Progistics
4057tcpwfmServigistics WFM server
4057udpwfmServigistics WFM server
4113tcpaipn-regAIPN LS Registration
4113udpaipn-regAIPN LS Registration
4457tcpprRegisterPR Register
4457udpprRegisterPR Register
4604tcpirpIdentity Registration Protocol
5618tcpefrFiscal Registering Protocol
6443tcpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6443udpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6480tcpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6480udpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6484tcpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6484udpsun-sr-jmsService Registry Default JMS Domain
6485tcpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6485udpsun-sr-iiopService Registry Default IIOP Domain
6486tcpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6486udpsun-sr-iiopsService Registry Default IIOPS Domain
6487tcpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6487udpsun-sr-iiop-autService Registry Default IIOPAuth Domain
6488tcpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6488udpsun-sr-jmxService Registry Default JMX Domain
6489tcpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
6489udpsun-sr-adminService Registry Default Admin Domain
7227tcprampRegistry A & M Protocol
7227udprampRegistry A $ M Protocol
11163tcpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11163udpsuncacao-rmisun cacao rmi registry access point
11174tcpoemcacao-rmiOEM cacao rmi registry access point
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