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Port Number List Of Services Matching HTTP-PROTOCOL-OVER-TLS-SSL

I searched my database for all services matching "http-protocol-over-tls-ssl" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
80tcphttpWorld Wide Web HTTP
80udphttpWorld Wide Web HTTP
80tcpwwwWorld Wide Web HTTP
80udpwwwWorld Wide Web HTTP
80tcpwww-httpWorld Wide Web HTTP
80udpwww-httpWorld Wide Web HTTP
443tcphttpshttp protocol over TLS/SSL
443udphttpshttp protocol over TLS/SSL
593tcphttp-rpc-epmapHTTP RPC Ep Map
593udphttp-rpc-epmapHTTP RPC Ep Map
623tcpoob-ws-httpDMTF out-of-band web services management protocol
664tcpoob-ws-httpsDMTF out-of-band secure web services management protocol
777tcpmultiling-httpMultiling HTTP
777udpmultiling-httpMultiling HTTP
832tcpnetconfsoaphttpNETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
832udpnetconfsoaphttpNETCONF for SOAP over HTTPS
1001tcpwebpushHTTP Web Push
1128tcpsaphostctrlSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP
1128udpsaphostctrlSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTP
1129tcpsaphostctrlsSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS
1129udpsaphostctrlsSAPHostControl over SOAP/HTTPS
1183tcpllsurfup-httpLL Surfup HTTP
1183udpllsurfup-httpLL Surfup HTTP
1184tcpllsurfup-httpsLL Surfup HTTPS
1184udpllsurfup-httpsLL Surfup HTTPS
2069tcpevent-portHTTP Event Port
2069udpevent-portHTTP Event Port
2301tcpcpq-wbemCompaq HTTP
2301udpcpq-wbemCompaq HTTP
2381tcpcompaq-httpsCompaq HTTPS
2381udpcompaq-httpsCompaq HTTPS
3106tcpcardbox-httpCardbox HTTP
3106udpcardbox-httpCardbox HTTP
3227tcpdwnmshttpDiamondWave NMS Server
3227udpdwnmshttpDiamondWave NMS Server
3816tcpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
3816udpsunlps-httpSun Local Patch Server
4035tcpwap-push-httpWAP Push OTA-HTTP port
4035udpwap-push-httpWAP Push OTA-HTTP port
4036tcpwap-push-httpsWAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
4036udpwap-push-httpsWAP Push OTA-HTTP secure
4590tcpridRID over HTTP/TLS
4848tcpappserv-httpApp Server - Admin HTTP
4848udpappserv-httpApp Server - Admin HTTP
4849tcpappserv-httpsApp Server - Admin HTTPS
4849udpappserv-httpsApp Server - Admin HTTPS
5280tcpxmpp-boshBidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH)
5443tcpspssPearson HTTPS
5443udpspssPearson HTTPS
5554tcpsgi-esphttpSGI ESP HTTP
5554udpsgi-esphttpSGI ESP HTTP
5985tcpwsmanWBEM WS-Management HTTP
5985udpwsmanWBEM WS-Management HTTP
5986tcpwsmansWBEM WS-Management HTTP over TLS/SSL
5986udpwsmansWBEM WS-Management HTTP over TLS/SSL
5988tcpwbem-httpWBEM CIM-XML (HTTP)
5988udpwbem-httpWBEM CIM-XML (HTTP)
5989tcpwbem-httpsWBEM CIM-XML (HTTPS)
5989udpwbem-httpsWBEM CIM-XML (HTTPS)
5990tcpwbem-exp-httpsWBEM Export HTTPS
5990udpwbem-exp-httpsWBEM Export HTTPS
6443tcpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6443udpsun-sr-httpsService Registry Default HTTPS Domain
6480tcpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6480udpsun-sr-httpService Registry Default HTTP Domain
6770tcpplysrv-httpPolyServe http
6770udpplysrv-httpPolyServe http
6771tcpplysrv-httpsPolyServe https
6771udpplysrv-httpsPolyServe https
6842tcpnetmo-httpNetmo HTTP
6842udpnetmo-httpNetmo HTTP
7443tcporacleas-httpsOracle Application Server HTTPS
7443udporacleas-httpsOracle Application Server HTTPS
7627tcpsoap-httpSOAP Service Port
7627udpsoap-httpSOAP Service Port
7677tcpsun-user-httpsSun App Server - HTTPS
7677udpsun-user-httpsSun App Server - HTTPS
8008tcphttp-altHTTP Alternate
8008udphttp-altHTTP Alternate
8080tcphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)
8080udphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)
8088tcpradan-httpRadan HTTP
8088udpradan-httpRadan HTTP
8118tcpprivoxyPrivoxy HTTP proxy
8118udpprivoxyPrivoxy HTTP proxy
8243tcpsynapse-nhttpsSynapse Non Blocking HTTPS
8243udpsynapse-nhttpsSynapse Non Blocking HTTPS
8280tcpsynapse-nhttpSynapse Non Blocking HTTP
8280udpsynapse-nhttpSynapse Non Blocking HTTP
8443tcppcsync-httpsPCsync HTTPS
8443udppcsync-httpsPCsync HTTPS
8444tcppcsync-httpPCsync HTTP
8444udppcsync-httpPCsync HTTP
8688tcpopenremote-ctrlOpenRemote Controller HTTP/REST
8765tcpultraseek-httpUltraseek HTTP
8765udpultraseek-httpUltraseek HTTP
8990tcphttp-wmapwebmail HTTP service
8990udphttp-wmapwebmail HTTP service
8991tcphttps-wmapwebmail HTTPS service
8991udphttps-wmapwebmail HTTPS service
9294tcparmcenterhttpARMCenter http Service
9294udparmcenterhttpARMCenter http Service
9295tcparmcenterhttpsARMCenter https Service
9295udparmcenterhttpsARMCenter https Service
9443tcptungsten-httpsWSO2 Tungsten HTTPS
9443udptungsten-httpsWSO2 Tungsten HTTPS
9444tcpwso2esb-consoleWSO2 ESB Administration Console HTTPS
9444udpwso2esb-consoleWSO2 ESB Administration Console HTTPS
9762tcptungsten-httpWSO2 Tungsten HTTP
9762udptungsten-httpWSO2 Tungsten HTTP
9988tcpnsesrvrSoftware Essentials Secure HTTP server
10880tcpbveapiBVEssentials HTTP API
10880udpbveapiBVEssentials HTTP API
11371tcphkpOpenPGP HTTP Keyserver
11371udphkpOpenPGP HTTP Keyserver
16992tcpamt-soap-httpIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
16992udpamt-soap-httpIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
16993tcpamt-soap-httpsIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
16993udpamt-soap-httpsIntel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
20002tcpcommtact-httpCommtact HTTP
20002udpcommtact-httpCommtact HTTP
20003tcpcommtact-httpsCommtact HTTPS
20003udpcommtact-httpsCommtact HTTPS
24680tcptcc-httpTCC User HTTP Service
24680udptcc-httpTCC User HTTP Service
27504tcpkopek-httpheadKopek HTTP Head Port
27504udpkopek-httpheadKopek HTTP Head Port
44323tcppmwebapiHTTP binding for Performance Co-Pilot client API
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