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Port Number List Of Services Matching IMP-LOGICAL-ADDRESS-MAINTENANCE

I searched my database for all services matching "imp-logical-address-maintenance" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
25tcpsmtpSimple Mail Transfer
25udpsmtpSimple Mail Transfer
115tcpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
115udpsftpSimple File Transfer Protocol
444tcpsnppSimple Network Paging Protocol
444udpsnppSimple Network Paging Protocol
487tcpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
487udpsaftsaft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
1750tcpsslpSimple Socket Library's PortMaster
1750udpsslpSimple Socket Library's PortMaster
1959tcpsimp-allSIMP Channel
1959udpsimp-allSIMP Channel
2257tcpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2257udpsimple-tx-rxsimple text/file transfer
2278tcps3dbSimple Stacked Sequences Database
2278udps3dbSimple Stacked Sequences Database
2637tcpimdocsvcImport Document Service
2637udpimdocsvcImport Document Service
2846tcpaimpp-helloAIMPP Hello
2846udpaimpp-helloAIMPP Hello
2847tcpaimpp-port-reqAIMPP Port Req
2847udpaimpp-port-reqAIMPP Port Req
3073tcpvcrpVery simple chatroom prot
3073udpvcrpVery simple chatroom prot
3273tcpsxmpSimple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3273udpsxmpSimple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
3564tcpesimportElectromed SIM port
3564udpesimportElectromed SIM port
3635tcpsdoSimple Distributed Objects
3635udpsdoSimple Distributed Objects
3688tcpsimple-push-ssimple-push Secure
3688udpsimple-push-ssimple-push Secure
3783tcpbim-pemImpact Mgr./PEM Gateway
3783udpbim-pemImpact Mgr./PEM Gateway
3896tcpsdo-tlsSimple Distributed Objects over TLS
3896udpsdo-tlsSimple Distributed Objects over TLS
3897tcpsdo-sshSimple Distributed Objects over SSH
3897udpsdo-sshSimple Distributed Objects over SSH
4139tcpthrtxImperfect Networks Server
4139udpthrtxImperfect Networks Server
4303tcpsrcpSimple Railroad Command Protocol
4303udpsrcpSimple Railroad Command Protocol
4750tcpssadSimple Service Auto Discovery
4750udpssadSimple Service Auto Discovery
4751tcpspocpSimple Policy Control Protocol
4751udpspocpSimple Policy Control Protocol
4752tcpsnapSimple Network Audio Protocol
4752udpsnapSimple Network Audio Protocol
4753tcpsimonSimple Invocation of Methods Over Network (SIMON)
4753udpsimon-discSimple Invocation of Methods Over Network (SIMON) Discovery
5794udpspdpSimple Peered Discovery Protocol
6419tcpsvdrpSimple VDR Protocol
6419udpsvdrp-discSimple VDR Protocol Discovery
7626tcpsimcoSImple Middlebox COnfiguration (SIMCO) Server
7626sctpsimcoSImple Middlebox COnfiguration (SIMCO)
8087tcpsimplifymediaSimplify Media SPP Protocol
8087udpsimplifymediaSimplify Media SPP Protocol
9598tcpvscpVery Simple Ctrl Protocol
9598udpvscpVery Simple Ctrl Protocol
10125tcpcimpleHotLink CIMple REST API
10260tcpaxis-wimp-portAxis WIMP Port
10260udpaxis-wimp-portAxis WIMP Port
16950tcpsgcipSimple Generic Client Interface Protocol
16950udpsgcipSimple Generic Client Interface Protocol
40404tcpsptxSimplify Printing TX
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