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I searched my database for all services matching "ivi-high-speed-lan-instrument-protocol" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
69tcptftpTrivial File Transfer
69udptftpTrivial File Transfer
1135tcpomnivisionOmniVision Communication Service
1135udpomnivisionOmniVision Communication Service
1818tcpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
1818udpetftpEnhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
2078tcptpcsrvrIBM Total Productivity Center Server
2078udptpcsrvrIBM Total Productivity Center Server
3426tcparkivioArkivio Storage Protocol
3426udparkivioArkivio Storage Protocol
3686tcptnmpv2Trivial Network Management
3686udptnmpv2Trivial Network Management
4070tcptripeTrivial IP Encryption (TrIPE)
4070udptripeTrivial IP Encryption (TrIPE)
4395tcpomnivisionesxOmniVision communication for Virtual environments
4395udpomnivisionesxOmniVision communication for Virtual environments
4488tcpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
4488udpawacs-iceApple Wide Area Connectivity Service ICE Bootstrap
4880tcphislipIVI High-Speed LAN Instrument Protocol
6321tcpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6321udpemp-server1Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
6322tcpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6322udpemp-server2Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
6785tcpdgpf-exchgDGPF Individual Exchange
6785udpdgpf-exchgDGPF Individual Exchange
8766tcpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
8766udpamcsAgilent Connectivity Service
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