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I searched my database for all services matching "microsoft-s-windows-internet-name-service" and below are the matches. These services are what the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ("IANA") has on file as of .
Port Transport Layer Keyword Description
568tcpms-shuttlemicrosoft shuttle
568udpms-shuttlemicrosoft shuttle
569tcpms-romemicrosoft rome
569udpms-romemicrosoft rome
1270tcpopsmgrMicrosoft Operations Manager
1270udpopsmgrMicrosoft Operations Manager
1512tcpwinsMicrosoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1512udpwinsMicrosoft's Windows Internet Name Service
1801tcpmsmqMicrosoft Message Que
1801udpmsmqMicrosoft Message Que
2175tcpairsyncMicrosoft Desktop AirSync Protocol
2175udpairsyncMicrosoft Desktop AirSync Protocol
2176tcprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2176udprapiMicrosoft ActiveSync Remote API
2179tcpvmrdpMicrosoft RDP for virtual machines
2179udpvmrdpMicrosoft RDP for virtual machines
2382tcpms-olap3Microsoft OLAP
2382udpms-olap3Microsoft OLAP
2383tcpms-olap4Microsoft OLAP
2383udpms-olap4Microsoft OLAP
3132tcpms-rule-engineMicrosoft Business Rule Engine Update Service
3132udpms-rule-engineMicrosoft Business Rule Engine Update Service
3268tcpmsft-gcMicrosoft Global Catalog
3268udpmsft-gcMicrosoft Global Catalog
3269tcpmsft-gc-sslMicrosoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
3269udpmsft-gc-sslMicrosoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
5009tcpwinfsMicrosoft Windows Filesystem
5009udpwinfsMicrosoft Windows Filesystem
5356tcpms-smlbizMicrosoft Small Business
5356udpms-smlbizMicrosoft Small Business
5359tcpms-alerterMicrosoft Alerter
5359udpms-alerterMicrosoft Alerter
5362tcpserverwsd2Microsoft Windows Server WSD2 Service
5362udpserverwsd2Microsoft Windows Server WSD2 Service
5364udpkdnetMicrosoft Kernel Debugger
5722tcpmsdfsrMicrosoft DFS Replication Service
5722udpmsdfsrMicrosoft DFS Replication Service
5725tcpms-ilmMicrosoft Identity Lifecycle Manager
5726tcpms-ilm-stsMicrosoft Lifecycle Manager Secure Token Service
6074tcpmaxMicrosoft Max
6074udpmaxMicrosoft Max
6075tcpdpm-acmMicrosoft DPM Access Control Manager
6076tcpmsft-dpm-certMicrosoft DPM WCF Certificates
6600tcpmshvlmMicrosoft Hyper-V Live Migration
6601tcpmstmg-sstpMicrosoft Threat Management Gateway SSTP
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